Jack Hanna zookeeper and wildlife conservationist retiring from public life (illness)

Jack Hanna appeared on many talk shows. He always brought interesting animals to show. I remember his appearances on Johnny Carson Tonight Show and David Letterman.

Jack had several shows, Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures (1992-2008), ZooLife with Jack Hanna (1992-94), Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild (2007-), and Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown (2011-).

He was Director of Columbus Zoo and Aquarium for many years.

Jack is 76 and suffering from dementia. He’s withdrawing from public life.

Sending prayers and best wishes to Jack and his family at this very difficult time. He has a wife and three daughters.

This local article has a lot of information about Jack Hanna’s career and family. Jack’s had a very rich and rewarding life.

Dementia/alzheimer’s is such a horrifying disease. I often think of Glen Campbell’s last years.

Heard this a little earlier this morning and actually got a little weepy. I’ve always loved Jack. What a lovely soul. He’s always kind of reminded me of my own sweet, slightly goofy dad who also fell victim to that mthr fcking disease. My heart goes out to him and his loved ones.