Jack Thompson Disbarred by Florida Supreme Court

I wasn’t quite sure where to put this, since he does have his tie-ins with videogame news as well, but mods please be free to move this if you see fit.

Miami Attorney Jack Thompson Disbarred by Florida Supreme Court

Thank GOD.

To bad this isn’t really going to stop him. It would keep him from practicing law, but it won’t keep him from spewing his idiotic statements.

Moved to The Game Room, with a First Amendment ‘woohoo.’

In case anyone is curious, here’s his Florida Bar profile.

It says “member in good standing” because the SCOSFL ruling won’t become final for 30 days.

I’ve got to admit to some disappointment. He was the best adversary the gaming industry could ask for. His ability to insert himself into any discussion on the dangers of gaming and his insane claims meant no other voices were heard.

I don’t think there’s much truth to claims of gaming being hazardous, but I think there’s a risk that more moderate advocates can persuade others that gaming poses a hazard.

Sorry to see ya go, Jack, you were a laugh.