Jack Thompson subpoenas the President.

Title says it all, really.

If you’re not aware of whoThompson is, count yourself lucky. He’s an anti-video games campaigner, among other things; but he’s nutty enough that you probably wouldn’t want him on your side. Proof?

Yes. Because the correct response after suing a judge and a state supreme court and law body, in order to keep your license, is to set your sights upward.

This is really less a complaint, as this pretty much guarantees he’ll get, well, what he deserves. This is more a thread to point and laugh. So.


Wow. I wish Fred Phelps would condemn him to hell. That’d be some good fireworks.

I for one am thrilled that someone like Jack Thompson is leading the charge against video game violence.

If he adversely affects the release date for Halo 3, I’ll show him some goddam violence!

Gotta love logic like that.

A entails B; therefore, B entails A. You and your pagan, humanistic, pro-gay ‘logic’ have a problem with that? Huh? Punk!

The irony of that quote is that, IIRC, he uttered it in conjunction with the Virginia Tech shootings, whose perpetrator was later shown to have little-to-no interest in video games at all.

Jack Thompson is the only lawyer in the State of Florida to be certified sane. This came after he campaigned against Janet Reno in his inimitable fashion:

Yes. Sane. I bet he has a little card in his wallet saying as much.

Hey! It’s special! Not everyone has one of those! :mad:


Hell, Thompson shows potential for being the next Fred Phelps (Phred is, among other things, a disbarred attorney).

I can just see him now, standing outside a funeral, holding a picket sign that says, “God hates frags!”

God answers.

He’s also the 2 Live Crew hater. And the Cop Killer guy.

No you’re totally wrong. See that guy did play a video game once…perhaps twice which proves Jack’s point after all. They’re obviously so corrosive it only takes that much exposure to the ‘murder simulators’ turn someone into a killing machine.

Especially if the game was Pong. rimshot…misses

I stand in awe… you win.

I’m actually a bit sad… old jack is on his way out, and what if, y’know, he’s replaced by someone competent?
That could be bad…