Jackass Number Two

I went and saw Jackass Number Two this weekend with a buddy of mine and well, parts of it are hysterical, parts of it are disturbing and one scene litterally almost made me vomit.

Question I have to ask though is how do Knoxville, Bam, Steve-O and friends not manage to get killed, eaten, seriously injured and/or crippled? Are these stunts real? Are they actually “trained” at anything other than skateboarding? I mean how does one surive getting rammed by a bull?

And what the fuck is wrong with these guys? If these stunts aren’t partially staged/faked, some of that shit (literally) is pretty fucked up.

Og protects fools and little children? I seriously don’t know.

But I have a question for you, as a fan of the series. I saw a trailer for a Jackass production where they’re at a beach resort town of some description, with some ‘little people’ as part of the crew. There’s a scene at a night club, where tons of suds are released, nearly drowning the little guys. Is this part of the Jackass2 that was recently released, or some in between straight to video thing?

I don’t recall a scene with suds.

Being a segmented movie, they simple skip the segments which fail utterly.

My husband went to see this movie this weekend. Alone, because I didn’t have any interest. He told me that when he came out he could never be grossed out by me or anything I could possibly do again.

Unless that failure results in a catastrophic explosion.
I will concur with ShelliBean’s husband. Although some of the less gross stunts were actually quite hysterical.

While I’d never attempt any of those stunts and there are plenty of them that look painfull, I think there are a few here and there where they “over-react” to the pain. I’ve seen Knocksville and the others do a few where they scream and cry and yell but not very convincingly.

Of course, they made the Jackass guys vomit too. They sure do love to vomit those guys. You’d think theyd have sterner stomachs. I mean, the scene in which Steve-O pukes in the helmet had to be a planned vomit. No fart is THAT bad.

Have you like, ever watched a real rodeo? In some ways, the bull segments are kinda silly, because that happens all the time in rodeos and bull running and so forth.

As far as I know, most of the stunts are real, and they really do get injured (he really DOES push a hook through his cheek, really does eat shit, etc. However, I think they are pretty careful to always plan out the stunts in terms of velocity, distance and so forth to the point where they know they cannot be fatal injured. They also have medics and stunt experts running aorund behind the cameras.