Enter the Jackass

Aaaaaaa Curbhopper…

Looking for inspirational self-sacrifice, outstanding action and legendary characters? Dragon, step aside… Knoxville & Company are prepared to feel the Jackass, to be the Jackass.

Apparently there’s been a delay as it officially opens tomorrow. Gee, could someone have been hurt in the filming?

I hate doing sit-ups. It no longer matters as I’ll get plenty of abdominal stimulation from this Sad Sack and his gonacluster of Privates.

This should be worth the wait.

I think this is a sign of the Apocalypse.

It’s not a sign Guin, it’s the actual filming of! :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see this movie - those guys are hilarious!

I’m wondering what the hell Knoxville & Co. are thinking. This sort of crap usually goes direct to video. Are there really that many Jackass fans out there willing to shell out upwards of $5 each?

BTW: Noone actually living in Knoxville (The United States’ biggest little town) actually likes Johnny Knoxville. Strangely, this feeling began sometime about when the B@$%@^& started on Jackass.

My friends and I cannot wait to see this movie, but granted we’ve been fans of the CKY Videos for far longer than Jackass the TV show ever aired. After watching “The Making of Jackass the Movie” on MTV, I think the movie should really be interesting. <giggles>

smiling bandit, is there actually a connection between rotton Johnny and the town of Knoxville?

I’d assumed it was a stage name playing on him being the epicenter of a bunch of hard knocks.

I can not wait to see it. And I can not wait til it comes out on DVD so I can watch it in my living room over and over and over and over. :slight_smile:

Happy, Party Boy Jr.

smiling bandit, is there actually a connection between rotton Johnny and the town of Knoxville?

I’d assumed it was a stage name playing on him being the epicenter of a bunch of hard knocks, kinda like an Albert Smartsville Einstein.

And Jeff, yeah, I’d rather own the DVD than risk my wife being hit by an errant skateboard as we attempt to enter a theatre and someday it will sit proudly right next to my copy of South Park, Bigger, Longer, Uncut.

Those that have seen it… is it worth the 6 or 7 bucks or should we wait until it’s DVD release?

The rumors I’ve heard so far are that it’s hilarious!

Yes, it was hilarious. It was fun watching it with an audience, but it does rate pretty high on the “rent me instead” scale.

Johnny Knoxville’s real name is John Clapp(serious, not joking here). He is from Tennessee, maybe Knoxville, or nearby. He is married. I got this info off of the imdb.

When your name is Clapp, and you want to be a tv/movie star, you need to change it. BTW, Tim Allen’s real name is Tim Allen Dick(not joking here either).

What’s a pity is not so much that Johnny Clapp’s brother’s name is Richard, butt that his sister’s name is Linda.

There was a Dick Hohl a year behind me in grade school. Believe it or not, we never thought anything of his name at the time.

The Memphis Redbirds, our AAA affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals–I’m talking baseball, for you non-fans–have had a bit of a hometown hero the last few years in Stubby Clapp (birth name Richard), the second baseman from Ontario. He would run out on the field and do a backflip before games. EVERYONE loved him, and now that his contract is up I don’t know where he’ll go, but I’ll miss watching him play. He was a totally dedicated player; they say he would dive for balls in batting practice. (The stats page linked gives his stats from a brief stint up in the majors in St. Louis during the 2001 season.)

But yes, I have a weird admiration for Johnny Knoxville and plan to see the movie right after “Punch-Drunk Love.”

$22mil in revenue and being the #1 movie in the country after opening weekend would seem to suggest that there are.

I’ve literally never laughed harder.

IMHO it’s well worth the price of admission, watching with an audience made the experience hugely more enjoyable for me. This was the first time I’ve visited a UA affiliate since they raised prices to $9, and I was glad to pay it. I might go see it again.

Yeah, I can see it not being so funny without a huge audience.

I secretly love Jackass, so I went to see it this weekend. Something about dumb guys hurting themselves through their own stupidity cracks me up (and yes, I like Beavis and Butthead too.) And I nearly hurt myself laughing.

Although did anyone else think that a couple of the stunts looked staged? Like the golf cart flipping over - that looked way too real to be real, and if they hadn’t zoomed in on the guy on the ground, I’d have sworn they had a couple of Hollywood stuntmen do it.

I’m sure some of them were. Although none specifically come to mind at the moment… Every time I had that thought while watching the movie I ignored it because I really wasn’t trying to think critically about what I was watching.

The golf cart flipping over after crashing into the giant pig in the sand trap, though, was quite real, at least if MTV’s The Making of jackass: the movie is to be believed. Supposedly they thought the cart would smash the pig or something, or at any rate didn’t expect the cart to ramp over the pig and catch air over the trap before flipping over – and there was some serious concern over Knoxville afterwards.