"SIr, you don't have to take out your penis in the store. That's not necessary."

Okay, I’ll admit it. Not only did I rent and watch “Jackass: The Movie” today, but I laughed! The vomit, the alligators, the panda costumes, the dancing semi-nude on the streets of Tokyo. . . .it was a riot! And some of the cast are surprisingly good on skateboards and/or stunt bikes.

Will anyone else admit to the same guilty pleasure?

My 12-year old found it hilarious also. I wasn’t home at the time.

I will.

BTW J Knoxville was a semi professional skateboarder before he did jackass.

Bam Margera is also a pro-ish skater.

I saw it in theaters (a radio station preview, so I didn’t pay for it) and thought it was hillarious. The right audience made things all that much better. Some of the stuff (sno-cone and toy car pop to mind) were a bit much, but in general pretty good.

Even better than the pandas in Tokyo was on an episode of the show, they all went to Paris. While there, one of the skits is a guy in a rabbit costume walking down to the Metro, getting on, then as the door is about to close getting his rabbit suit hand caught in the door. The camera then zooms in on the warning sign next to the door, which features, instead of a person getting their hand caught, a rabbit. Wow…that really doesn’t work well as a story, but take my word for it, I thought it was really funny.

If you want to see more of the same type of stuff, and a lot more skating, check out the CKY videos: CKY, CKY2K, CKY3

I keep seeing clips of them in the UK but I have never seen the show. What did they get up to here?

So that’s who those guys were…

I can see why they didn’t try that stunt in New York. Japanese people must be amazing self-possessed, from what I could see. They just walked around him and hardly changed expression, although some were obviously chagrined. If he tried that in New York he’d probably get decked. Hell, some guys threatened to kick their asses at a golf course in the U.S.
Isn’t it surprising how many people viewed this thread? Wonder how many clicked just because of 'enis" in the title? :stuck_out_tongue:
(And that line was hilarious. The clerk at a sex shop, talking like he worked at Lazarus.)

Actually, Knoxville is one of the few guys on “Jackass” who did not skate. He started out writing for a skate magazine, and hung out with skaters, but he never actually did it himself.

There’s a scene in the movie where he gets on a skateboard, and he looks pretty bad.

BTW, I love this movie.


Well, you know, they do have a saying: “Nudity is often seen but seldom noticed, and only rarely mocked derisively.”

Not that I’m disputing this with you, but how does one get a job writing for a skating magazine when one does not skate? I mean, damn! The editor must’ve been very hard up for writers!

Come to think of it, I may have answered my own question. . . .

Yes. again, shuffles feet
I liked the pandas too, but I also liked Party Guy.

Oh man, did you ever miss out. Watching this movie in the theatre was an experience. In all seriousness – that was the only time I’ve ever laughed so hard that I was actually worried about my health.

I watched it with my dad. My girlfriend kept telling me that she’d go with me because she wanted to see it (and I wanted to see it in the theatre again) but we ended up renting it last week. She kept making me skip any of the parts with animals (except ‘rubbing one out’ with the sea cucumber because I told her it was a vegetable… and she thought it was hysterical), and I voluntarily fast-forwarded through the papercut segment (I could only watch that once), but other than that it was a smashing success.

But still not even barely on the same level as having seen it with 100 like-minded people.

I liked this movie.

The best scenes were the rental car return, the sand vagina (DVD extra), when Party Guy stole the Japanese security officers hat, the wasabi snort, the off-road tattoo, and the bowling balls in the grand finale.

I could live without the skating stuff, frankly.

How else am I supposed to tell whether the condom fits?


one of my favorite lines—
after the doctor looks at the XRAY of the toy car…he tells the kid
“you call this man(hands him a number)…you NO TELL ANYONE about this…(points to his friend)–HE already knows…thats one too many!”

Well, it’s like this sort of thing is new to Japan. Shows over there have been doing stunts like that for years. So much so that going to Japan to do it was sort of pointless. Doing it somewhere where it would have gotten more of a reaction would have been more in line with the Jackass style I’d think. But then, I’ve never watched the show and never will.

Dude, they blew an air horn while people were on their backswing! I was surprised that they only got threatened!

Didn’t the golfers start hitting balls at them?
I vividly remember a scene where one guy (the male model guy) is dressed as the devil - one civilian, erm, doesn’t see the funny side.

feh, that’s nuffin. I met wee man the other week!

(still starstruck)