Jackie Chan Adventures question.

Okay, I’m 24 and I still watch cartoons, and I gotta say, this is one of my favorites. The storylines are pretty fun, the characters are great, the writting’s great, and the animation just keeps getting better. This new season has had some damn great animation, and an interesting set of villains, but I got a question:

I missed the last couple episodes of last season. How is it Finn, Ratso, and the rest of the Dark Hand are no longer Dark Chi Warriors? How’d they all become normal humans again?

I’ve been wondering that, too.

My guess is they got fired for incompetance.

I always kind of liked those guys.Sure, they sometimes pretend like the’re going to hurt someone, but they never really get around to actually doing it. They’ve got a reputation for uselessness because they’re going up against Jackie “The Monkey” Chan, Toru “Toru” Toru., and so forth. Did you see the episode where they strike out on their own? They’d have had it good is Chan hadn’t come along…

What is Valmont up to these days? In prison?

Last I saw of Valmont, he’d had his memory erased, was convinced by Jade he was a ballerina, and was picked up by Black and sent back to prison after trying to get Toru to help him steal some giant golden god statue.

At the beginning of this season, you see Dao Long Wan in prison with the gang, and there’s mention of how his power has been dramatically decreased, but I’m not sure how. For some reason, he got left in prison, but that’s okay, the rest of the Dark Hand are what really matter.

“No way I’m bowing to Fin’s tucous.”

Oh that line was SOOOOOO good!