Kenshin (Is my Guide Wrong?)

According to my cable guide Ruroni Kenshin will only be on once next week, on Saturday. Please tell me I’m wrong. Cartoon Network wouldn’t do that to us right in the middle of the series. Right?

They stopped Tenchi in Tokyo at episode 25 and moved to another series. Episode 26 was the final show in that series so I’d say they would.

Their site says it will play on the 12th and then on the 19th so it looks like it’s goingto be that way.

It looks like their schedule for Toonami has changed quite a bit from last week. Yuyu Hakusho is back in the main block with Big O and Trigun joining in the late block.

They do this all the time with no warning unless you make a habit of reading their releases. It’ll be back eventually, unlike Tenchi in Tokyo which I had to pluck off the net to see. They haven’t shown any Tenchi at all since then.

Kenshin was just getting good too, what with this whole arc with Tokyo and the guy covered in bandages.

Damnit, damnit, damnit! Well is the show at least on DVD or something?

Yes, it is already on DVD (or VHS) for English audiences. It is also a legal translation, in case you were wondering.