Jackie Chan & Jet Li vs. TheEnterprise&ISD

i couldn’t resist. these two threads are eating me up. aside from SwimmingRiddles quotes, and Shayna’s hugs, these two gave me some good smiles today.
I wanna see the two bad boys in kung fu wear tear down the cyberdolts on buckets of floating bolts on the big screen. Reminds me kind of that movie, “The Kentucky Fried Movie”.

Well, Jet Li has some very powerful energy shields, and Jackie Chan is just covered with missile launchers… and according to the Jackie Chan & Jet Li: All The Crap You Didn’t Care About, both can travel at speeds up to seventy-two million times the speed of light, and a single snot rocket from each of them can blast planets into smithereens.

However, *The Imperial March/i] is cooler than any music associated with either of them OR the Enterprise, which guarantees it’s victory.

They need some backup firepower. They need the Killer himself, Chow Yun-Fat.

Well, Jet “I am… SCIFI.” Li can apparently catch single atoms from nuclear reactions in his fist, or whatever the hell was going on in that commerical.

Whether or not this amounts to more than a parlor trick we’ll have to see when he and Chan take on the ships.

But I have no doubt they’ll do their own stunts.

SPOOFE Bo Diddly wrote:

Do you mean the Imperial March from the first movie, or the new-and-improved one Williams introduced in The Empire Strikes Back as the new Darth Vader’s theme?

Tracer wrote:

Do you mean Episode IV, the first movie made, or Episode I, the supposed first of the series?

(I mean the Empire version, just for the record).