Jackie Chan, there is one stunt you'll never pull off....

I love Jackie Chan. Not since Buster Keaton has someone been so willing to risk life and limb in the pursuit of memorable physical comedy. Sure, many of his films are… not so good… when taken as a whole, but each has moments of pure magic.

So when I was running down a possible lead on the evil May 33 riddle, imagine my horror when I ran across this page. Specifically,

"Jackie Chan stars in Jerry Lewis Remake

MGM is in advanced talks with Jackie Chan to co-star in an update of the 1960 Jerry Lewis comedy The Bellboy. The original film follows a bellboy (Lewis), as he undergoes a number of zany misadventures at Miami’s Fountainbleau Hotel. With Chan set to share top billing, it appears the remake will depart quite a bit from the original. Details of the co-star have not been announced. Lewis, who owns the remake rights, will be a producer on the project as well. The veteran comic also serves as an executive producer of Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, based on his 1963 movie The Nutty Professor."

Nooooooo! Don’t do it, Jackie! It’s the kiss of death! No matter how far you “depart” from the original, it still bears the Curse of Jerry. You cannot “remake” a turd and expect the result to be a gem.

Please, someone tell me this is not true.

No sign of it on imdb. I hope it isn’t true though :slight_smile: