Jack's Back: The latest Chick Tract


Wow another lackluster effort. Still some worthy things of note.

It was an interesting ploy to have the Woman upset with the Blasphemy being accused of the same sin by the freakiest currator of the crappiest art museum on the planet.

Or did the write forget who the charcters were and switched their dialogue. I mean the guy asks what is wrong with it and mentions the “history” of man before the flood then turns around and attacks her. I’m so confused? I need Bob or Lil’ Suzie to straighten this mess out. A least their holier than thou attitude was in your face and you knew it was coming.
A big WTF goes out to the Old man and his wacky adventures in Komedy tm taking place in the background.

If the museum guy hates the subject matter of the artwork so much, why does he work there? He’s certainly not fulfilling his duties, anyway, letting people casually duck under the velvet ropes and all.


How does that museum curator keep his job if he goes around blasting anti-Catholic screeds all day? :confused:

The dialogue is a little confusing, but reading it again Smarty Pants Dude seems to be using the painting to kick off a lesson in idolatry, so he ends up educating the woman.

I agree. Not up to par. Rather silly and pointless (but when are Chick tracts not?)

I was more interested in the Adventures of Old Man and Little Boy. I hope they return in other tracts, hopefully with a little more backstory.

Oh, dear Lord. I actually agree with something Jack Chick said. It’s too bad I had to take it out of context in order to agree with it.

I found a Chick Tract in Spanish on the el on Saturday. If you think they’re funny in English, you have got to see them in Spanish.

Hmm… perhaps the curator knows all this and is trying to give the woman enough rope with the statue to hang her with her crucifix later? It would explain his about-face half way through the tract. But then that seems a bit subtle for Jack.

The part with the woman being all indignant about blasphemy at first, then begging to be saved later is strange too.

With Bob or Suzie you felt like they needed a straightforward slap - coming across a conversation like this would just make me back away to the modern art section.

. . . But what did the evil little boy do with the old man’s hair? Why would he want old-man hair? For some devil-worship ceremony? Will all this be answered in the next tract?

(" . . . and what of Mother Marcus? Will she tell Marion about Noah and the Ark?")

Hmm… Ranting religious nut, or modern art? Ranting religious nut, or modern art?..

Is suicide an option? :dubious:

Wow. Bone-in-the-nose.

Haven’t seen that one in a while.

Yeah, it certainly seems like they were out to lunch when they came up with this one. I give it a 3 out of 10.

(seriously, what’s with the random bold italics?)

my favourite part is how in the first 6 frames all the reasons given for why worshipping an idol is stupid can easily be applied to worshipping god.

This one really surprised me. I thought Chick only railed against non-Protestant religions. I had no idea he was down on the very concept of organized religion.

Goldang, I’m gonna go home and throw out all my Jesus paintings, including the velvet ones.
No idol-worshipping for me!

The Elvis stuff stays, though.

Wonder if the evil little boy is actually a demon in disguise, punishing the old man by removing his hair painfully one strand at a time? Sure it’s just a matter of time before we see a Chick Tract warning of the dangers of evil Rogaine.

I think Jack has just given up and has some sort of evil software grabbing random images and throwing them together.

On a re read I noticed that stupid dog was in one of the paintings… so what the hell kind of exhibit was this??? What was the threme?

“Religions of the world” would mean the dog had to go.

“Eeeeevil Sinners and other Satan inspired whackiness” would explain the reason only three nuts are in the place (4 if you count little snotty with the hair fetish)

“The art of jack Chick” No, no one would be there in that case… unless the old man was Jack!!!

Either way it reads the way my senile Grandpa’s stories sound.

Is it just me or does Nimrod’s hat look like it would be fun at parties?

Maybe one of The Usual Gang of Idiots has been moonlighting.