Jack Chick... now in 666 Technicolor!

Jack Chick now has a movie (well, sorta- he calls it a movie- it’s actually more Fireworks for Dummies type stuff). It’s animated, but it’s odd seeing the animations from his booklets in color. Check it out (and save your souls in the process).

And even for him his new pamphlets are particularly psycho.

Little girl saved from Muslim white slavery ring by O.J. Simpson’s Police Squad character

Lil’ Susy stops her friends from becoming child brides of Muhammad

'Poor unsuspecting Israel at mercy of Vatican cobra"

On the whole, I’d prefer a new episode of Salad Fingers.

Wow, some of those illustrations/panels from that movie are pretty good. I particularly liked one depiction of the Buddha he did, it was very well rendered and quite beautiful. I think I’d like a copy for my buddha altar.
I’ll be able to say, Jack Chick made my graven idol!

I can’t get any of the files to open for me.

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. q;}

Apparently all sumo wrestlers are going to hell, and a clown or two for good measure!!

(Watch “Lake of Fire”.)

Geez. About the only thing left for anyone here to do is finish the sentence: ‘[…]God has enabled Jack Chick to present the gospel in a way people can’t resist.’

Fundamentalists just can’t resist the rich taste of self-righteous condemnation! It’s got the hypocrisy and closed-mindedness you’ll go crazy for!

People actually exist who think this way?


Chick’s stuff is all so primal…almost pagan. I feel like he’s trying to put the curse of Christ on me. The psionics are very dark…malevolent, hoary brack.

Thanks so much for the fear and loathing, Jack!
You’ve given me a {mo}rose.

a little meta-ku kung-fu (haiku or senryu?)…

mole burrows end
at my patio door
concrete border


I awoke yesterday morning to find my yard burrowed by moles, first time I had ever seen that. One ended at the concrete patio… all I could picture was a poor little :cool: blind mole :cool: rubbing his little head. It was pretty funny, he had a little white cane and everything!

Don’t forget nuns, Mormons (white shirted guys on bicycles, anyway), ballerinas, hula dancers, surfers, gay men, construction workers in hard hats, and Mexicans who wear serapes!

Umm… I made a technical mistake in the writing my haiku. I forgot to split it.
In the spirit of the SDMB and its own standards of technical accuracy, I resubmit.

mole burrows end
at my patio door
– concrete border


Yep. and they’re even allowed to vote!

In fact, I think they outnumber us.

прощание, товарищ!!

Is the above an attempt to make a phalanx emoticon or something?

I loved the dragon in the background. Apparently it’s Chinese New Year in Hell.

After all the shit you give me for my anti-fundie views, you post this?