Jade Empire how do i complete kangs last mission Loa

jade empire How do i complete kangs finale mission rescuing Lord Lao i tried doing quest with other guy but he disapeard and i never maneged to get dragons wrath how can i complete it without

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Jade Empire was quite a while back. Good game, but better in world design than character or quest design. I would recommend checking the walkthroughs over on sites like gamefaqs. They also have game-specific forums you can visit to ask questions for people who are interested in playing that one game.

I missed that game the first time around, so I picked it up for dirt cheap and played it last year. I remember having trouble with a couple of the flyer missions, and I also had trouble finding any good explanations when I googled for a solution.

I did that one with Dragon’s Wrath, though. I did manage to fail the first time because I fired the ability off too early - make sure you can see all of the orb thingies on screen so they all get hit by your blast. Just make sure you do the final mission for that mechanic guy and save up for Dragon’s Wrath. I’m afraid I don’t have any advice on how to do that quest otherwise.

There was one early flying mission that was really annoying me and I actually booted up Cheat Engine to use it to slow the game down to like 50%. It worked, but it felt really cheezy to do it that way (I usually only use Cheat Engine to compensate for things like crappy ports where the QTEs are impossibly fast, or to make myself rich so I can try out different items without wasting dozens of hours grinding just so I can test equipment). Anyway, I eventually wound up replaying the game from the beginning again, and when I got to that same annoying mission I was able to beat it the first attempt with no problems. A little practice goes a long way, I guess.

By the way, when you get to the end I found that the final boss stood no chance when I was using the style where you turn into a hammer-fisted golem. Not exactly a cheat, but you might feel really cheezy finishing up that way.