Jail or season tickets. Guess which one I'd pick

I wouldn’t even think twice about it.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get season tickets for the Packers?

Well, to put it into personal perspective, I’ll have to pretend they’re Giants tickets.

Hmmmm…well, it is only a three-game package. Through some miracle, I’ve managed to avoid jail so far…I’m thinking I’d prefer to keep it that way.

Now, if they were full-season, eight-game tickets, then you’d probably be getting a different response.

I grew up in Milwaukee. 90 days in jail? No problem.

3 months or 3 games.

I love football but this one’s easy.

(Knowing you cheeseheads though she’ll probably donate two but do 30 days so she can catch the Vikes.)

Whoa, whoaaaaa. They’re PACKER tickets? I heard about the case but didn’t know what tickets they were.

Lessee, I’d have to start the 90 days straight off to get released by pre-season.

Translating to Oriole tickets… yeah. Three months ain’t so much.

Question for you lawyerly types. Isn’t this unconstitutional or appealable or something? Her sentence not only hurts her, but her family as well.

They could have my Leafs tickets (if I had any) when they pried them from my cold dead hands.

I thought this thread was about the Judge saying ‘either you can go to Jail or you can go to a football game’. Guess not.

Woman Chooses To Give Up Tickets. Foam Cheese Hat Revoked.

Were the 90 days going to be during football season? You can see how that could be a gotcha.

Wow! Call me crazy… Even if they were PLAYOFF tix, I wouldn’t give up PACK tix for a while in jail. She might be offered them again next year, and that might influence my decision too. But I doubt she could renew… the new owners… the benificiaries in the Make-A-Wish winners… they’re gonna have a claim next year too. NFL tix are hard enough to come by, Packer’s tix even more so! I just can’t deal with this! If this woman doesn’t care or realize what she’s giving up, I just am SPEECHLESS as to her mindset.

Just speechless…

Doesn’t care about her family and how THEY feel about the tix…

And OBVIOUSLY doesn’t care about giving up a SMALL part of her life… as compared to YEARS of having Pack tix…

The only thing that makes ANY sense to me is that she’s NO fricking fan… a real fair-weather fan, maybe even won the tix on a bet! Doesn’t deserve them in the first place.

Don’t mean to rant here…

Just can’t understand some people’s mindset…

Don’t understand the monetary and historic value of something they do (did) possess…