Jake 2.0 - Good show? Or right place, right time slot?

It comes on right after ENT, so maybe the geek in us just likes the geek in the show.

Or, is this Six Million Dollar Slacker Guy actually a well written show? I’ve seen 3 so far. I think it’s well done.

What do y’all think? Good? Or lucky?

My wife and I are enjoying it. I don’t know that it’s a great show, and sure the timeslot helps, but I said last night that it’s got something of the Buffy vibe; they take the situation seriously enough to tell a suspenseful story, but not so seriously that you get all tripped up by the implausibilities and can’t laugh at the jokes. It’s still in the shakedown period, but it’s certainly got potential.

It seems light hearted (cite: Jake says, “This is so cool” when an op is running in the command center). I like the scientist girl and hope they get together but I also like that she says “You’d better not screw up my Nobel Prize.”

I just watched the first episode. What struck it down for me was the implausibility of him running down the street, seeing the traffic light, and seeing the POV jump into the circuits to switch the light. He has nano-widgets but 1) how can they fly through the air to a destination, 2) how could he then replenish them, 3) how do they know what to do in a circuit? He’s a computer geek but doesn’t know how a traffic light is wired.

It might be slightly better if they would move the POV from him, through the circuits, to the “desired effect point” and zoom backward to give the impression that the nanots use his mind’s eye to reach a destination and then they work out how to go backward and make it happen. And then some dialogue to that effect. [sub]Not that I overanalyze or anything[/sub]

EM does the work. The nanites stay in him.

It’s just a POV thing. Nothing is leaping from anyone to anything - they just choose to show the inside of the circuit from time to time as a visual cue that Jake is affecting it. (Not to mention, it lets them go all David Fincher on us.)

Horrible time slot, you surely mean?

Against both Angel and West Wing.

It’s ok. I watched the first three episodes, and didn’t have strong feelings either way. Once Angel is in reruns I might watch it again- if it hasn’t been cancelled.

I’ve enjoyed it so far, but they could do a little more sci-fi effects. I mean it’s supposed to be a show about a guy with nanotechnology inside of him, yet he uses it two or three times a show (last night’s episode he used it to get the phone # from the PDA, and run really fast, that’s about it). And the special effects were lacking some, but it’s hard to watch it after seeing The Matrix. I’m on the fence, but will keep watching until it loses my interest.

A complaint which leads to ep 13 “Jake Takes A Nanoshit” and the subsequent cancellation of the show. You can overuse a plot device, you know.

I like the way they’re developing Jake’s character, as opposed to just being all flashy with wierd powers. He’s coming to grips with his feelings about this girls he likes, what the things do to him, what his new job may lead to, etc…

I liked the expressions on the different CIA people’s faces in contrast to his when they were listening to the firefight. Kind of Jack Ryan-ish.

As for the timeslot, it never occured to me what it’s up against. I was thinking of the tie in with the ENT 18-34 yr old male market. I never cared too much for Angle and I am bored by shows like West Wing. Yes, I watched them both before. I just don’t care for them.

Ha ha!


The story of the leaning vampire! See him create triangles! Watch as he manipulates a rhombus!

I like it a lot so far. I like the fact that they aren’t making Jake a complete bufoon, that he’s getting better at his job. I also like that his bosses aren’t shown as complete bastards, despite the fact that they would have had to kill him if he hadn’t succeeded at being an agent.

His special nanotech powers are what sets this show apart from any other show about the NSA/CIA/FBI/TVA/ATF/DEA etc. If I want character development I’ll go watch Lifetime:D

Sorry to drag this thread back up but I was wondering if anyone else is still watching (and enjoying) this show as much as I am.

It’s quickly becoming my second favorite show right now.

I just started dl-ing some eps, to check it out. A few things strike me as annoying:

  • Science geek girl who’s obviously a babe, but gets big ugly glasses to convey ‘science geek girl’. Thick glasses doesn’t make beautiful girl ugly. Stop that stupid cliche, which was old in the 50’s.
  • To much Spider-Man vibe.
  • The dues-ex-machina vibe of him using his abilities twice or thrice an episode, the way David Banner in a predictable way turned Hulk every show. There really is no built in tension or struggle, other than ‘the stuff might kill you’.
    Only seen first ep so far but it feels a bit contrived. Like execs asking for a show and the producers trying to come up with something, rather than having a story to tell in the first place.

I’m dl-ing 2+3 now. If it doesn’t pick up, I won’t waste more bandwidth.

What I like about the use of his nans, is the little, almost insignificant things he does with them that don’t seem to further the story at all. Hell, that’s what I’d do.

I also like how they show that he is still a geek. Still very unsure of himself. Sure it’s Spideylike, but it’s a change from normal TV superhereos. It ain’t perfect. But it is entertaining. ymmv

Aes, me too. And I’m a Law & Order geek, so that’s saying something.

I went to Spanish class last night, did I miss a new show? (Maybe I’ll get a tape!)

Actually I think the science geek girl is attractive WITH the glasses. And tho she cleaned up real well for the wedding, still think she pulls off the “attractive but approachable” vibe like Willow or Kaylee or Hoshi or the science geek girl on John Doe (Stella?)

who has a thing for science geek girls (a/k/a techno talking babes)

Yeah… I think I’m in love with the scientist, who I’m ashamed to admit I don’t know the name of yet. The blonde that Jake’s lusting after is okay in but geek girl really pushes the right buttons.

Anyway, what made me resurrect this thread was last week’s episode (since I don’t get UPN and the lovely viva’s kind enough to mail me tapes every week) at the wedding where Jake’s nanites almost killed him. I didn’t really care for the way he was saved (is that even possible?) and the dilemma was obvious once the first hint was dropped but still, I liked its delivery and, like NCB said, how you have a superhero still acting like a geeky loser.

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