Jamboree in the Hills

I was wondering whether anyone on the boards was familiar with Jamboree in the Hills. It is a 4-day festival held in Morristown, OH featuring various country music stars and usually one southern/classic rock band. This year’s line-up included Hank Williams, Jr., Travis Tritt, Neal McCoy, Diamond Rio, Brooks and Dunn, Don Williams, Terri Clark, Julie Roberts, JoDee Messina, Montgomery Gentry (who cancelled), and (my whole reason for going) Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The reason I’m asking is because this is not only a huge deal around here (rural Ohio/West Virginia), but people come from all over… which is an even bigger deal for our small towns. License plates I saw this year: NY, FL, MD, NJ, PA, IL… Canada! Just curious as to how much publicity this gets outside of the Ohio Valley.

I was going to start a thread about JITH but I was afraid that no one else would know what I was talking about. (I am also from the Ohio Valley.)

Were you there for the duration or did you just go on Sunday to see Skynard? Was that your first time going? I have been offered tickets before but 4 days of country music and large groups of people trying to get as drunk as possible without dying is not my idea of a good time.

I have heard of it!

Okay, I live in Wheeling, so I can't be considered one of the folks from far off.

Nice to know that there is at least one other doper in the Ohio Valley though. :cool:

I grew up in Wheeling. Small world, huh?

I was there for the duration because I worked selling Mardi Gras beads (free tickets… who could refuse?). And yes, it was my first time, a Jambo Virgin, if you will. But, my main incentive for going was to see Skynyrd. I’m not a big fan of country music, but I must admit that the show was phenomenal. I know a lot of people who just go for the party, and while that seems fun to me, I can’t see *paying * for it.

I’m glad to know there are other dopers from the Ohio Valley, too! And Wheeling, at that. I am in Martins Ferry… just a hop, skip, and jump across the river.

Several of my cow-orkers live for JITH every year. From what they tell me, it sounds like a 4 day drunkfest & orgy with backround music.

I’m gonna try it someday!

By the way, I’m from the Ohio Valley also…BFE, right turn.

And that is exactly what it is. Due to my drunkeness, I earned some beads. :rolleyes:

I think you mentioned this in another thread. I live in Paden City and I don’t think you are too far away. Maybe this is going to call for an Ohio Valley Dopefest. It would be fun with all five of us. :cool:

If I read some of your previous posts correctly, you are to be married in the cafe where my brother hangs out. I live in the same town, and spent many years in the collection of buildings between your place of employment and the River. Of course, this is all wrong if you don’t work at the Marne Post.

I’m also not sure I could explain a Dopefest to the wife :frowning: , but it would be fun.

UUuhhh, any photos??

Thank goodness, no! I used to scoff at this stupid tradition of “earning” beads. Until I got too drunk to realize exactly what I was doing and went home with a few sets for myself. My car is much more decorative, and I did my part in helping a few men keep coming back for years to come. sigh The wonders of alcohol shall never cease to amaze me.

I got to Wheeling just one day after Jamboree, and many hotels were still booked up. It’s quite the event. It’s not the reason we go down there, though. I like the scenery and the shopping etc. One day I have to make a point of going to Jamboree.

As I understand it, many people book their hotel resverations months ahead. Sometimes they even book for next year’s Jamboree before they leave from the current year’s festival.
There’s scenery? The only thing I’ve ever considered ‘touristy’ is the suspension bridge. It’s gorgeous when it’s lit up at night. As for shopping, I wouldn’t know, I despise it.


Yes there’s scenery! We don’t have mountains where I come from. And we pay 15% tax on our mall purchases. It’s funny how we see tourists. If I see a U.S. license plate in my town I wonder…what in the hell would they come here for?

I guess it would be a bit different seeing the area as a tourist. I’ve lived here all of my life, though… I tend to gape at large expanses of flat land when I visit out of the area.

15% tax?! And I complain about 7.5%!