James Bond - Living Daylights DVD

A question for anyone who has the DVD version of the Living Daylights

Is there any nudity in it?

There’s a scene in the last 3rd of the film where James has some big shot Russian guy and his girlfriend contained in his (the Russians) hotel room. The Russian uses his watch to notify his body guard outside that he needs help.

James rips off the clothes from the girlfriend to stun the body guard as he enters.

In the original cinema release, the nudity was shown, but it was removed from the VHS release.

I’m just curious if it was removed from the DVD version also?


Well it looks like they are leaving it out again since it is rated PG.

Cehck out the following web site which has a review and basic information including the PG rating.


Yes, there is. We got a James Bond collection for Christmas and watched it over the holidays.

May I ask why you are asking this question though? You have my curious now :slight_smile: Do you know her or something?

It’s strictly a curiosity thing… I remember when I saw the film at the cinema back in 87, I was quite surprised it was on there… No because I find it objectionable or anything like that, it’s just you don’t expect it in something as mainstream and somewhat popular with young kids as 007

I cannot speak for how films are rated in the USA, but in the UK a pair of boobies certainly isn’t going to change a rating from PG to something else. Several newspapers there have nude women in them every day and nudity on TV is not all that uncommon either. It was rated PG when I saw in the cinema.

Thanks for the repsonses…

I think it was an ‘R’ when it was in cinemas here. By taking out that 1 second flash they were able to knock it down to ‘PG’. Of course that was before ‘PG-13’ which this movie would be without the flash. Frankly I like your system better, nudity all over the place.

heheh… I know what you mean…
I live in Canada now and miss the page 3 girls :slight_smile:

If I’m not mistaken, doesn’t ‘R’ in the USA mean that you just have to be accompanied by somebody 17 or older?
Up here, ‘R’ means you HAVE to be 18 or older.

You should come live near the Canadian border. After 9pm, stuff that isn’t allowed on US TV can be shown here (nudity, most bad language).

Funny thing though… MOTHER is a bad word.
If somebody says mother fucker, they censor out the word mother only!! :wink:

I just got the bond DVD sets and am sure that the DVD HAS been edited.
I am quite sure that directly after the guard comes in the door, you saw a frontal shot of the womans breasts. The DVD only has a side view.

Judging by some research I’ve done, it would seem that the original theatrical released in the USA didn’t have the boobies, but the UK version definitely did…
I wonder if the region 2 living daylights disc has the complete scene?

Any UK bond fans?

You know, I am 99.9% certain it showed the full frontal shot on our DVD. The reason I am so sure is when we were watching it, we were at my in-laws place. They are pretty “old-fashioned” people and I remember looking at them wondering if I would get a shocked look. I was disspointed. :frowning:

When I get home this PM I will fire it up and take a quick look. I will post here later this PM.

I live in Canada. Maybe its a different version here?

Thanks Bernse,

I live in Canada also… just got the DVD today in the collectors set… it’s a US produced disc…

Maybe the stand alone disc was different?

I’ll be really interested to hear if yours has it…


I didn’t know it, but I must have been on crack that night. Just the bit of a side profile and above shoulders shot…same as your.

Sorry! I hope you didn’t buy that set just because I said it had the “scene”!

I’m not that hard up for boobs :slight_smile:

It’s a curiosity thing only… I would have bought the DVD regardless…