James Herbert's "Once...."

…is a fantasy/horror novel dealing with the occult, faeiries, succubi, witches, elves, sprites, etc.

Not to spoil it for you, but a young man recuperating from a stroke moves back to an estate in England where he grew up and encounters the above-mentioned creatures.

At one point one of the faeries tells him that a faeirie can fall in love with a human, and walk among humans, but has to give up her immortality, and that offspring often have the “sight” that the mother half of the union gives them.

It is at this point that the main character of the story asks if there are others such as he, and the faerie that yes, there are, and one is a very popular Icelandic female singer, but she doesn’t realize she has “the gift.”

I haven’t finsished the novel, but who is Herbert writing about here? I thought at first Enya, but she is Scots, isn’t she?



wow! a post about a book ive actually read…its kinda like Harry Potter on speed. :wink: Its gotta be bjork he’s on about cos i dont know of any other icelandic singers.

… it is a fictional book tho, so it may well be a fictional icelandic singer.

Bjork is pretty crazy tho. Could well be one of those faeryfolk.