Can anyone help me rediscover this fantasy novel?

In the mid eighties a friend lent me a fantasy novel which I really liked. Since about 10 years later I’ve been yearning to read it again but I don’t know the title or the author’s name. I would really appreciate help to track it down.
It is so beautifully written, in a simple, timeless style.

It is about the angels, and their struggle to keep preserving their own society and to carry on protecting and mentoring the inhabitants of the planet each was created to serve, against an Omnipotent Diety gone bad.

Each angel is literally the star lighting their planet and can retreat to that essential nature, but most of their time is spent trying to repair and maintain the planet they care for, and help its people in these difficult times, in the face of nasty damage by a malevolent God.

Because God fell.

He announced His new nature, terrifyingly, during a routine meeting of every divine being in Heaven.

Since then, the angels have been trying to reject hopelesness, to maintain contact in a universe become dangerous, and inject all the health they can into their beloved planets.

All I remember is the author is a woman.

Hm, Madelaine L’Engel? <scurries off to google>

Maybe “A Wind in the Door”?

Definitely not L’Engle.

Wish I could be of some help, the book actually sounds pretty good. Makes me think of Steven Brust’s To Reign in Hell or John DeVito’s The Devils Apocrypha. (Not them, definately, but good)

Surely somebody on the SD has some inkling?

You going to watch the movie on ABC Family called Fallen tonight? (in about half an hour actually)

Yes, this sounds very familiar. I think it’s a novel called “Stargate” - NOTHING to do with the recent long running SF series, this one came out about 15 years ago. Sorry I can’t remember the author. I used to have a copy but it’s long gone, I’m afraid.

I’ve remembered - the author(ess) was Pauline Gedge. It’s available second hand on alibris. Hope this helps and that it’s the right one.

Sorry to keep double/triple posting, but I found this about it on alibris:

"In the earliest years of the history of the universe, the Worldmaker, omnipotent creator, turns against his creations because they have succumbed to the lure of forbidden knowledge. The terrible punishment for their crime is isolation-the Gates connecting their worlds to the rest of the universe are sealed off. With courageous and often desperate sacrifices, the ruling sun gods prepart themselves and their subjects for a battle unlike any they have ever imagined. The final struggle has begun. "

sound familiar?

I’ll shut up now.