James Rebhorn has died

“Homeland” actor James Rebhorn has died at 65.

Pretty prolific character actor. And a good one.

That’s sad news. He enriched a lot of movies and television shows.

He played a very memorable killer on one of the Law and Order shows; later he was cast in a recurring role as a defense attorney, and I could never watch one of those episodes without thinking that his killer-character had reformed and done quite well for himself.

65 seems so young; so rough on his family.

Seinfeld prosecutor. And countless other things.

He had the most thankless role in My Cousin Vinny, but still pulled it off.

Oh shit. This saddens me, he was a really great character actor, the epitome of the “That guy” roles.

Definitely one of those “Hey, it’s that guy!” actors. He did a good job playing sleazy, sinister or unpleasant people. Fuck Cancer.

I really thought he was older. 65 is too young these days.

That guy with the face! From Independence Day. And all the other movies and TV shows. He was diagnosed with cancer, what, 22 years ago? That’s putting up a good fight. Sorry the president had to fire you.

I liked him as Harrison Storms in “From the Earth to the Moon”. He had a very tense scene arguing with Kevin Pollack.

He was great in “White Collar” too, in his other recent series recurring role. This is a very sad and a shame.

He did a fantastic job as the bipolar father on *Homeland *. A shame.

Law and Order original numerous times.

I always remember him from “The Game” with Michael Douglas.

Nobody’s perfect.

Wildly underrated movie IMO, provided you are able to successfully suspend disbelief. :slight_smile:

While Homeland gets mentioned since he recently appeared in it,* The Finale* gets mentioned almost as much in articles about him. Maybe not the best thing to be remembered for.

“What was the nature of the contest?”

One of my favorites, although I always end up calling him William Rebholz by mistake, because he played William, Sarah’s brother, in the Sarah: Plain and Tall movies. I never said, “Hey, it’s that guy;” I always said, “Hey, it’s William” instead.

Just this weekend, I was looking for a movie to watch on Amazon, and watched a trailer for one that included James Rebhorn – that was enough for me to add it to my watchlist.

I’ll miss him, but not really, because I’m sure I’ll be spotting him in things for years to come.

This may interest you.

He live in South Orange NJ which is not too far from me. The local paper ran his obituary that he wrote himself. Here is the article including the full text of the obit. I’m not too proud to say it brought a tear to my eye.

Second Scent of a Woman death this year, after PSH.


Yeah, I read his self-written obituary earlier today.

I liked it quite a bit. I assume he had knowledge that he may die and he took the time to write a very nice obituary.

Seemed like a cool guy.