James T Kirk vs Joey Tribbiani



I think it’s “Tribiani”, and Joey’s only chance is if he’s protecting a sandwich.

Never heard of this Tribiani guy, but if Kirk’s shirt is ripped, Godzilla would be toast.

Maybe the OP is asking which of the two gets more women?

In that case, Kirk. And AFAIK, Joey has never shagged an alien babe.

Unless you count Chandler

According to NBC.com, it is indeed “Tribbiani.”

According to NBC.com, it is indeed “Tribbiani.”

How YOU doin’?

That…THING…just murdered one of my crew!
Kirk wins even though he’s dead (or not born yet)

Joey wins for the “look like you just smelled a fart” technique.

If it’s who’s the best actor… I’m going with Joey here, and that’s only if Kirk isn’t in a movie with Sandra Bullock.

In a fight? Torn Shirt Kirk over Drake Remoray any day.

Yes, but did Kirk ever snap a lady’s shirt open with one hand? Did Kirk ever eat an entire turkey, and finish up with half a pie? I don’t think so.

Pfft, puny Earth fashions are a joke compared to the many alien brassieres Kirk has unhooked.

The could title the bout The Trouble with Tribble-iani, and Kirk smokes him in the first round.

Did Kirk ever dance with the Superintendant?

I don’t think so.

Point: Tribbiani

Kirk may or may not have danced with a superintendent, but that pad he signs has a spell checker.



You sure you don’t mean PADD?

In 1969 I think they were still pads, or perhaps tablets.

I thought they just looked like those ugly plastic clipboard thingies the gas station attendent brought to your car window so you could sign your credit card receipt.

I hope Kirk was racking up lots of space-miles.

Then what’s with the PADD-looking PDA-like devices they have on Enterprise? That series happened a century before ST:TOS, after all.

And don’t try to tell me that they still use paper credit card receipts in the 23rd century…