Jamie Lee Curtis

I just finished watching the Crap Fest know as The Cranks and was noticing how ragged Jamie Lee Curtis looked.

All was made better though when I got home and started watching A Fish Called Wanda. Wow! I forgot how beautiful JLC was!

OK, I’m just sharing. Add on if you like, or let this thread die the usualy quick Enright3 plummet to the bottom of obscurity.


I never saw her as beautiful.

For some reason she always reminded me of Jane Hathaway.

I’ve never thought of her as all that attractive but have to admit I have a special affinity for her stripteasing scene in True Lies.

She looks absolutely decrepit in the trailers I’ve seen for Christmas With the Kranks though.

She did a whole bunch of interviews last year where she explained that she had better things to do besides keep grooming herself to try to look 20 so she was just going to look like a regular person and spend her energy on more important things from now on. I think she is great.

And there’s scene in the movie where she wears a bikini.

This month’s Reader’s Digest talks about how she insisted that during a photo shoot for some magazine they take a picture of her in just her scanties with no makeup, no hair done, because she wanted people to see the real her. Unfortunately they didn’t put that photo in the RD article, even though it was the whole premise for the interview…the photo that changed her life.

I think she’s aging pretty darn well, speaking as a middle-aged woman.

I never saw her as that attractive either. Still, I don’t know why she’d go out of her way to make herself look annoying and foolish by taking that part in the Kranks.

Here’s a link to that article.

That was the article that made me like Jamie Lee.

It’s funny because it mentions Cher on the cover. Imagine if Cher did the same type of expose on her beauty secrets? That would be a long complicated story.

Call me a MILF-hunter but, JLC’s bikini scene in KRANKS… Wowsa!

I liked the movie too. It didn’t enlighten or intrique me. It made me laugh. That’s what I went for. It accomplished its purpose.

Thanks for the link, Eve. I absolutely loved that shoot! I am only 37, but I too can look WAY better in a good outfit than I do nekkid. But who cares? Hey, I’m proud of my kids AND the body that birthed 'em!

I’ve always loved JLC. And the best part of that strip tease in True Lies is that, just when she’s looking too perfect, she flies off that bedpost and lands in a heap! Exactly what most of us would do if we tried it!


I’ve never thought she was that pretty, but she always seemed sexy as hell. Her face never seemed like much to me, but I’d kill for that body! Plus she always seemed to have a really relaxed, comfortable attititude about herself.

I’ve only seen previews of The Kranks and didn’t notice her looking haggard. But it is a bit unfair to compare her now to her in A Fish Called Wanda. Let the poor woman age!

First of all, I think she still looks very good. I just didn’t like they way she looked in The Kranks. She’s still not bad looking. But in AFKW she was so sexy to me. yummy.

And what does it mean to say “Let the poor woman age” or whatever was said up there. You mean it’s not OK to find someone sexy now that you used to find sexy? I wasn’t trying to compare her to now. I was just making a couple of points…

  1. I was reminded by how sexy she was as a youth, and early middle age.
  2. She looks worse now in The Kranks than she has to.


Haggard? Near as I can tell, she looks like what she is-- a woman in her mid-to-late 40’s who has two smallish kids. She looks real, which is what I think she’s going for. That’s the whole point of a lot of the changes she’s made in her life in the last few years.

Wanda was what, fifteen years ago? Of course she looks different–a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then. It’s patently unfair to expect someone to look the same after fifteen years of life, stopping with the booze and alcohol, and having two children.

Actually, her two kids are adopted, but Jamie Lee has said recently that she’s given up on the whole “I have to look perfect, dammit!” gestalt she used to buy into.

So what she looks like is a normal (well, for Hollywood, sub-normal) middle-aged woman.

I actually think she’s a quite handsome middle-aged woman. Yes, she’s no great beauty. She never was, really. She inherited Curtis’s jaw, which does not lend an air of beauty to a woman. And she’s not bikini-wearin’ slender anymore. shrug If she weren’t a Hollywood actress, nobody’d care.

I find her fascinating, though. She’s finally gotten over the whole look-like-a-starlet thing, she’s found her center, she’s built her self-image and confidence up over the last decade or so, and while she may not be the woman she wanted to be at this point 20 years ago, she’s accepted that she’s the woman she wants to be now.

Being a man who’s constantly working on getting to that point, I admire the hell out of her.

That more than a face or a body is what makes a woman sexy, IMHO. It all comes out in the smile. And JLC, I think, is hot.

IIRC JLC was unable to conceive. She is quite mannish and there was, I believe, some speculation that she was genetically male or XXXY or somesuch.

Not after Trading Places, there wasn’t.

I’m also one who never found her face attractive, but I’m sure I pitched a tent over the ‘True Lies’ striptease and likely her Trading Places’ rack exposure.