Jamie Lee Curtis

What Snopes says.

The weird flip side is when you’re Tina Louise, you’re seventy — yes, seventy — years old, and, well, you’ve freeze dried yourself as this.

Geez did you have to post a link to that photo of Ms Louise?
I always liked to think of her at her mid 1960’s loveliest.
Wow, now not only have I been forced to accept that even Ginger Grant can get old, I must now reconcile myself to my own mortality.

On the lighter side of the topic, I have always been a Jamie Lee fan and think she is cute and sexy. She was in that dreadful movie “Blue Steel” which I have never been able to watch in one sitting. But it is well worth a few minutes to see her in her Police uniform. For anyone who has seen that movie, have you ever fantasized about Ms Curtis arresting you because you’ve been very naughty and she forces you to …

Ahem… sorry about that.

Yes I’m a fan of Jamie Lee Curtis.

I’ve always felt that Jamie Lee Curtis, at least in her prime, physically looked like a seventeen year old boy…not that that’s a bad thing or anything. :smiley:

I’ve always found Jamie sexy, in a “someone’s cool mom” sort of way. I think jayjay coined it well with handsome. I’m not too enamoured of her movie choices, but I’ve always appreciated her as a person.


You say Jamie Lee Curtis looked like a seventeen year old boy ?
You couldn’t possibly mean that the comparison held true even in the chest area did you?
Don’t worry it is a “work-safe” picture.

I’ve never found her particularly attractive, but I’ve not thought that she was hideous. Just sort of “there” looking. BTW, you can see her boobies quite clearly in Tailor of Panama. I suggest, however, only renting that movie if you’re a big fan of her boobies, and then fast forward to the part where you see her boobies, watch that however many times you, um, “need to,” and then return the video.

Still, I applaud her idea of saying, “I’m getting older, the hell with it.” I think that women who have an attitude of “I’ve earned these grey hairs, dammit, and I’m gonna show 'em off!” are much more attractive than the 80 year old who tries to look like a 20 year old. Gives a woman character and elegance, I think.

As I said in my previous post, I’ve never considered her all that attractive but I’ve never really paid much attention to her earlier work and I’ve evidently been unaware of just how cute she used to be.

I still think she looks ancient in Christmas With the Kranks though.

I’m glad they didn’t have seventeen year old boys like that when I was growing up - I might not be the Decent Right-Thinking Heterosexual Man I am today. However, as there were not, I can say in my capacity as a Decent Right-Thinking Heterosexual Man that in her prime I’d have done her and therefore she is definitely a woman.

I watched the trailer for the Kranks, and I didn’t think she looked too bad. Her hairstyle is not too flattering, but she’s an attractive woman. She doesn’t look old for her age, or anything. She looks fine.

I don’t think she’s the most gorgeous woman—her face is kind of long—but she’s very attractive, and still is.

I saw her in “Freaky Friday” and thought she looked fine in that too. There’s this line where her daughter (who has temporarily been put in her mom’s body) looks at “herself” (meaning, mom’s face) and shrieks in horror, “I’ve turned into the Crypt Keeper!” (or something to that effect). I thought that was very funny that Jamie Lee obviously had no problem uttering that line, and expressing the horror that a (what? 17-year-old?) girl might think if she suddenly had a 40-something woman’s face.

Bottom line, Jamie Lee looks fine. We all should be so lucky to look that good when we’re her age.

Uh . . . Maybe she looks plain in Kranks because it’s CHARACTER APPROPRIATE.

This was only a year ago, folks! Grrrrrowl! Gimme some!

I’ll join the ranks calling “Not neccessarily beautiful, but incredibly SEXY”. She actually never struck me much (in terms of sexual appeal) when she was younger, it’s as she’s gotten older that I’ve grown more attracted to her (FWIW I’m in my late 20’s).

I also agree that the whole “age gracefully, don’t fight it” thing greatly adds to her appeal as a sexy sexy woman.

In Kranks she looks exactly how her character should look.
(N.B. I’ve only seen the trailers. Now that I’ve heard all this “bikini scene” talk I might have to run out to the theater!)

Point taken. She’s much more attractive than Lindsay Lohan in the first picture but I don’t care for the grrl power attitude and pose in the second.

In the context of the movie Freaky Friday the “grrl power” pose is supposed to be over-the-top and silly. The flick is about a mother and daughter who, due to a magic fortune cookie, end up switching bodies. So a major chunk of the comedy is the gusto with which Curtis acts as a goofy teenager. And she does it really well too. Not a great movie, but Curtis does the teen thing so accurately you just know she’s gotta be someone’s mom. The movies actually fun because Curtis looks like she’s enjoying herself and having a blast with her performance.

You don’t realize how stupid the “rock on grrl power!” stuff is until you see a middle-aged woman do it unabashedly. I laugh now when I see Avril Lavigne do it in earnest.

Now we’re talkin!

All I have to add is “hummina hummina hummina!”

Lemme see–she looks “ancient” yet others say she looks her age. She’s four years younger than I. Therefore, I’m ancient plus four years.

Thanks, bro. :mad:


A little sidebar is that JLC writes some pretty nice kids books, too.

Others would say you’re

plus four years.


I heard this years ago. Never believed it, but it was interesting that this rumor attatched itself to such an asexual (imho) starlet. I thought the True Lies striptease was sad. Trading Places, she looked good, but Fish Called Wanda was where I realized how unsexy she was.

Still, nobody yet has topped her screams in Halloween . Classic.

:eek: If I’m the definition of “hummina” then we are all in trouble! :wink:

The “She’s really a man!” rumor has attached itself to several actresses who made the mistake of both seeming a little too “tough” and adopting children. (Because, you know, real women are weak and emotional…and birth their own babies!) Jamie Lee Curtis is the name most frequently associated with this rumor though; I suspect this is because her androgynous first name lends some coincidental credibility to it.