Janeway lovin' dopers: Where to get custom Voyager command uniform?

Ok this is crazy but I figure if one place on earth has people who know this, it’s here

Where can I get a custom made nice quality Star Trek Voyager command uniform thingy?

The one Jane way and Chokotay and all wear

I found one on ebay but it has a weird zipper and elastic seams

I figure this would be a bigger business with all the trekkies out there.

Help me be in command while I surf the internet with my non-functioning comm badge.

Aside from the mediocre fare you’ll find at the usual costume stores online, if you’re feeling ambitious you can make your own. You can purchase a pattern from places like thisor do a little more searching for some other alternatives.

I bought a new movie Trek shirt from costumecraze.com in 2009 – it wasn’t a perfect replica by any stretch, but I’ve done some tinkering at home to add the proper badge and make the fit a little better, so you might think about starting with one of those versions and modifying it on your own.

The combadge on the chest isn’t authentic, but here’s a startL


A friend of mine ordered her star trek uniform custom made to her measurements throughone of these sellers. It came with a com badge, too.

Oooh, those are pretty sweet! Although for the TOS shirts, my home-made braid looks more authentic, IMO. :smiley: