Japanese research: Behold the power of cute!

Not just adorable, but good for you!:

Thank you! Thank you so much. For YEARS I’ve been hearing things described as what I assumed was Kauai, and was totally baffled. “That’s a picture of penguin” I’d think. “Penguins don’t live anywhere near Kauai. Even the Galapagos kind are thousands of miles away.” I am deeply grateful to finally have that cleared up.

Though now I find myself wondering why so many of my fellow Americans would assume I’d think of a Japanese term instead of a part of our common country…

My pleasure. And just look at that baby cheetah…!

I can haz focus?

Well, for one thing, it seems to be a bit of a shibboleth for anime lovers.

I’m also not sure it hasn’t leaked into general geek culture from there.