Japanese sewing books, anyone?

Yeah, this might not be a very long thread. But, Japanese sewing books are so neat! And I got one! I got Girly Style Wardrobe, which I’ve been wanting for months, so I’m all happy. Granted, I can’t read Japanese, but I’ve figured out nearly everything from the diagrams, which are great. Here’s my question, though:

Japanese patterns are like European patterns–you have to trace them and all. I know that you have to add your own seam allowances to Euro-patterns, and I presume that you have to do it with these too? Somebody tell me whether I’m right or not! So, all the diagrams have numbers on the seams, which appear to be the seam allowances–so I just add that number of centimeters to the edges, right? Yes? 3cm to the hem and 1cm to the side seam and 1.5cm where it says so?

I wanna make this really cute skirt, so I hope somebody can give me some tips on sewing in a language I can’t actually decipher… :stuck_out_tongue:

**Hokkaido Brit ** IIRC knits. She may have some insights

I’ve seen a couple of projects that I want to do, but the instructions came from books in Japanese! I THINK that I can reverse engineer the projects, but I’d prefer to actually be able to read the instructions. I might have to buy the books and have them sent to my daughter, who can read Japanese.

I know absolutely nothing about Japanese sewing books, but 1 cm for a seam allowance sounds really small. It’s less than half an inch. 3 cm sounds a bit small for a hem turning, too. I think the standard for hems on most sewing patterns in the US is between 1 1/2 and 1 3/4 inches.

I’d just add whatever seam allowance you’re comfortable using. 5/8 of an inch is standard, but I usually do a half-inch or an inch on patterns I draft myself.

I’d also make a muslin in cheap fabric to test your theories first.

1cm for a seam isn’t that small; it’s larger than you use in quilting. It seems reasonable for a straight side seam to me. But yes, from the diagrams, it looks to me like they’re using smaller seam allowances overall than American patterns use. They also want you to zigzag the edges of all seams too, though.

My sister can read Japanese, but I’m not sure if she’s been keeping up with it, and she’s not here, so I don’t want to depend on her too much. I’ve got everything figured out, I think, I just want to make sure about the seam allowances. I must say, the diagrams are excellent–much better than I’m used to.

Oooh! First time I have ever found myself mentioned in a discussion!

Dangermom, China guy is right, I don’t sew but I do knit and I do read a bit of Japanese, so if you want to scan or photo them and tell me where to look I’ll check out the instructions for you if you like!

Oh, thanks. I’ll do that if I get into trouble!