Japanese translation of pro wrestling hold ''Shinin no maki''

I guess, anyway.

I remember a Japanese pro wrestler using this term to describe this *deadly hold. When other non-Japanese wrestlers used it, it was called the “Cobra Clutch,” and sometimes the Japanese themselves called it the “Japanese Cobra.”

I never saw the name in print, only heard them use it, and came up with the spelling in the OP based on trial and error with searching. Based on that, it would seem to mean “Scroll of Faith.”

Is there anything else that something phonetically close to “shinin no maki” might mean that would refer to this wrestling grip.

*This hold looked sorta like the traditional wrestling “sleeper” hold, the outward appearance differing, IIRC, in that instead of your own arm wrapped around your opponent’s throat, it was his own arm.

Nope, it’s not “scroll of faith”. “Maki” does indeed mean “scroll” but in wrestling it refers to certain types of techniques. “Maki” means more accurately “roll”, a spring roll is called “haru-maki”.

“Shinin” means “dead man”, so I’d probably translate that as “dead man’s clutch” or something. I found what seemed to be an extensive dictionary of Japanese pro-wrestling techniques. It lists “cobra clutch” but there’s nothing under “shinin”. I think it might be something the wrestler made up.