One of the most addictive games ever, and it can be found here. Click on ‘download’ on the top left part of the screen.

Basically it’s a whacked-out version of Pong. You’ve got the paddle, and the ball, and the blocks in weird patterns. Only there are little gnomes (presumably the Jardinains of the title) who throw flowerpots at you. If you can knock them off their blocks, you can bounce them for extra points. And there are little bonus things you can get, like getting the ball to go faster or slower (rabbit and turtle respectively) or get it to hit extra blocks (weird force-shield looking thing) or get it to go straight through blocks (picture of a block with an arrow breaking it in half) or make your paddle bigger, or smaller, and many other things of that nature. Am I rambling maniacal laughter??

Anyways, it’s a way fun game, and life-consuming to boot.

Jardinains would be French for “garden gnomes”

The best part is making your own levels. I have a couple that I have found to be really fun.