Jason Varitek's bat is at my house!

A former employer of mine is a minority owner of the Boston Red Sox. He is a wonderful resource of all things Sox (I got to go to both home World Series games, for example. The man is god.)

Anyhoo, he has one of Jason Varitek’s game bats, which he loaned out to my sister to show off to the students in her 5th grade class. Since we had it for the weekend, we took some silly pictures. Here’s the album I’m the chicky in the sweatshirt and ballcap. Usually I look a bit more sheveled, but I had just come in from snowshoeing. I hope this will elicit some giggles, I had fun writing the captions.

Too cool, the Captain’s bat! I’m so jealous of your connection. Since we live in DC now, we only make it to Fenway a few times per year. But we have tickets for all the Red Sox-Orioles series at Camden Yards this season, and we get the MLB Extra Innings package from Directv so we can get the NESN feed for most of the games.

I love Camden Yards, such a great place to watch baseball. That was my ballpark trip last year, this year I’m going to Wrigley for interleague, and to check up on Nomah:)

Perhaps we should have a FenDope this year?

Don’t forget about Todd Walkah, too. :wink:

My husband, fruitbat, and I would totally be there for FenDope!

Aesome. Just awesome.

Am I the only one who thought that the OP meant an actual bat? Like a fruit bat, or a flying fox?

However, that might have something to do with the fact that the name ‘Jason Varitek’ means nothing to me.

We occasionally get that type of bat in our home as well. None has declared any sort of team affiliation as of yet, but I’ll ask next time. The flying variety of bats aren’t as keen to try outon our sporting equipment:)

“outon” is an old English word meaning “lousy typist.”

I see from one photograph that you are married, so there goes that question.

May I worship you from here?

I am? Which photo made it look like I’m married? Is this why I’m having such a hard time finding dates? The only married people in the photos are mum (pink sweater) and dad (bald dude.)

This one with you sporting the goldish band on your wedding ring finger. Of course I could be wrong. I’ve gotten the “wedding ring finger” hand wrong before.

I think you’ve gotten the entire person wrong. She’s the one in the sweatshirt and cap, according to her OP :wink:

Ah, crap. I saw a BoSox player in the thread title and went right smack for pictures of sweet baseball lore.

Just a guess, iampunha, but I doubt that will help you score many points with her. :wink:

Having sat here for a good few minutes running various responses through my mind, I regret that I have but one tale to contribute to this thread.

I acutally thought it was kind of charming. That was indeed my sister’s right hand, the back of her Claddah, actually. I’m more of a silver/plaitinum kind of girl.

We found a tiny blood spot on one of the pieces of grip tape on the bat. Operation Clone Jason would be in full swing by now, save for the fact that we are totally clueless how to go about it, and also, not living in a Science Fiction movie.

How do you know Curt Schilling didn’t get too close to that bat?

I actually thought of that. What if I invested a whole bunch of money and time into my cloning experiment, only to find out that Dave Wallace had a nasty hangnail that day?

The answer is obvious to me.

You must obtain DNA from all reasonably-possible suspects and match them against the bat tape DNA. The match will determine how lucrative your clone (army. Betcha can’t make just one) will be.