Java / WebSphere Interview Help

The title says it all. I have an interview coming up this Thursday for a Sr. Java Developer position. I’m starting this thread hoping that fellow dopers will help me prepare for the interview. I’m also hoping this will help others down the road facing similar a similar interview.

Here’s what I’m looking for. Please post interview style questions that may need to know in an interview for the above named position. You can also post the answer too, unless you feel that’s akin to doing a student’s homework for them.

Thanks for help.


Well you do know about the J2EE tutorials online?

The subject is so massive, I wouldn’t know where to begin to ask a question.

It will really depend on how jerky the interviewer is. If he/she is a decent person, they will ask you general questions about Java and J2EE, if he/she is a jerk-off, they will ask real specific tricky questions that you would know the answer to only if you were sitting at their side for the last month.

But anyways, good luck.