Jaw-Dropping Answer To Stunning Clickbait Hyperbole That Made Weep WIth Joy!



I’d rather see an app to replace the clickbait with whatever the hell the damn video is actually about. I once got fooled into watching some Upworthy thing, something about “Fantastic! Will restore your faith in humanity!!” and it was just about some stupid soup kitchen. Who gives a shit?

Interestingly, the brilliant idea was that the flowery qualifiers are excitingly the amazing opposite of the marvelous truth.

Ironically, I don’t trust your link enough to click on it and you’ve given no description in your OP.

Huh–I thought that was the point of the OP, that it was stunning clickbait.

Aah, woosh for me then! :smiley:

I’m not sure whether the OP is a whoosh or irony.

It’s an app that replaces the hyperbole in click titles with calmer language. “Epic” becomes “mundane” and so on.

I love it.

Eh, I don’t mind the hyperbolic adjectives-- I can translate those myself in my head. The problem I have is that, on the rare occasion I’ve been curious enough to click one, it doesn’t go to the story it’s talking about at all. Rather, it goes to some sort of link farm site which consists of nothing but a bunch of those stories. If you click on the corresponding link on that site, it takes you to yet another link farm, and so on.

I wonder what would happen if this app was used on a pornography site?

What you learn using this app is how many people talk like clickbaiters… I was confused why so many people on Twitter were publicly trashing one another until I disabled the app.

It rivals the app that replaces every instance of literally with figuratively for pointlessness.

I installed it, and learned that it changes text on the whole page, not just the ads. I just made a complete, utter ass of myself on another board just now.

Yikes…how so?

Hey! It works!

It’s against the rules to change quotes from other users, don’t do this again.

Whoa Mr. Moderator, I was just pretending I used the App on Harvey’s post. It wasn’t my intention to misquote him.