jayjay suspended, or: There and back again!

Just a shout out to jayjay, hoping he comes back and doesn’t get overly riled up by the Trump supporters in the future. Not worth it, dude! I don’t always agree with you jayjay, but I always like reading your posts. I’m starting this thread with the idea that others might want to chime in-- I don’t have any problem with the suspension, and I’m not here to dispute it. Tried to send a private message, but it wouldn’t go through.

N.B, for anyone popping into this thread: I ran this idea by Jonathan Chance, and he was OK with it as long as we followed these rules:

  1. No slamming jayjay.
  2. No Pit-like slaps at the moderation.

Has seven days ever been done before?

Yeah, usually a poster’s first suspension is for seven days. If he’s suspended for a second time, that can be a month. After that, it’s usually the permaban.

I used to love his reality show threads … he was funny as hell and I didn’t have to waste my time watching such tripe but I learned enough for conversations ……

I like jayjay. I can’t name any particular posts by him, but I can’t remember not liking what he had to say, either.

I have seen Silver lining say some things that made him come off as a “Trump troll.” (Not an accusation, just saying he’s come off that way.) That said, don’t see anything in that thread that came off that way (even if repeating statements that have been disproven before is infuriating to me).

I do hope that the new shorter suspensions as an additional tactic are the mods’ way of acknowledging that Trump isn’t normal, and that maybe people are more on edge right now than they normally would be. Hence otherwise good posters are getting a bit of an extra chance. I very much appreciate it.


Without speaking for the others, I’d have to say you’re reading too much into it.

Generally, in the loop, one of us brings up a problem poster and we discuss. Some we are WELL aware of and some are exhibiting new behaviors. When and if we choose some form of sanction it can be a suspension or a ban. We generally don’t like to go straight to a ban - though it’s happened if we rule ‘troll’ or some similar verdict - so suspension tends to be the first step. The default, during my time as a mod, has been 30 days. But if one of us proposes 7 days as a lesser suspension for one reason or another we consider that and move forward. Should a majority vote for a shorter one, then that’s what happens.

But it’s not a new thing. Nor is it at all related to Trump.

He does some funny stuff; hope to see a return. A week isn’t too big a deal.

Ok now, what are we talking about? No linkies?

I had no idea he’d been given a time out. But I’ll chime in to say I always enjoy his posts, and I look forward to seeing him back too.

Yeah, geez, OP, what are you, Fenris?

Link to the thread in ATMB, the forum for which all notices about long-time/non-sock bannings and suspensions go.

Sorry, I didn’t realize it was hidden is some secret forum with limited access.

Yeah, who knows where you could find a thread about someone being suspending. It could be anywhere!!

Yes. As in the movie The Ring. If you do not tell someone else how bad you were to get the suspension, at the end of the seven days, a mod comes out of your computer screen.

I mean, one would, but the hamster wheel software doesn’t support it.

I like jayjay and I hope he/she sticks around.

Speaking of hamsters, I tried a search before I posted. First I entered “seven days” to be searched in About This Message Board only. Apparently, that was the height of cheek and an error was returned. Then, after waiting the requisite 17 minutes, I tried again with just “seven” and was rewarded with:

Yes, I could use Google but I don’t care enough beyond this post. I’ve seen plenty of 30 day suspensions; they’re can’t be more than a handful of 7 day jobbers.

Well when one only browses the Dope by clicking on New Posts, one tends to miss threads that aren’t new, especially locked ones. So sorry for requesting a link, my lord.

I like jayjay and echo the sentiments of the OP–I like reading your posts and hope you again grace us with your presence.

One also tends to miss a lot of threads that are new. New posts is a mostly worthless feature.

pokes head in

Oh, of course they have the party in my honor when I’m not here…

I am back. And I am going to try not to be goaded into that kind of thing in the wrong forums again. Not that I regret it, but I hated a week without the Dope!

Thanks, folks!

Look who’s here! jayjay, when djoo get out?
Also, maybe you didn’t hear about it, you’ve been away a long time and no-one told you. We don’t shine shoes anymore.

Yesterday morning was my parole date. No shoe shines?! What am I going to do for pocket money?