JC Shouts Out to his Natural Enemy: Dr. Righteous

Amazingly enough we have a relatively new poster with the handle, Dr. Righteous.

A few of you may know that my handle comes from the Styx album, Kilroy Was Here. Jonathan Chance (Tommy Shaw) plays the young man who’s trying to free the imprisoned Kilroy who was framed by the leader of the ‘Majority for Musical Morality’, Dr. Everett Righteous.

FTR, Gravity recognized it early!

Well, I’ve been here in my JC persona for years now and who should come strolling in but Dr. Righteous himself!


Run! Run!

But seriously, folks. It’s just a large enough coincidence that I thought I’d remark on it. Here’s hoping he (or she) sees this thread. If you bump into the Dr, let her (or him) know about it.

Anyone else got any oddball handle coincidences they want to share?

None here. Not only is there no Chicolini, Pinky, Gloria Teasdale, or Ambassador Trentino of Sylvania registered here (altho one mod hails from Sylvania, Ohio - hi, Unc! :)) - but there’s no Capt. Spalding, no Dr. Quincy Adams Wagstaff, no Wolf J. Flywheel, no Dr. Hackenbush, etc. registered here. There’s a wealth of available screen names for the aspiring Marxist of the Groucho/Chico/Harpo sort.

But we do have Why A Duck, fortunately.