Hello Mr. Jdavis,

You don’t know me but my name is aha. I just happen to be a personal friend of Ed Zottis’. Ever heard of him? heh heh. He and I are/were like that.( Imagine me holding up index and middle finger).

I don’t think we have ever met have we? Ed has probably talked about me to you, but he hasn’t mentioned you to me, so imagine my surprise to see you as administrator of the new board. Is Ed still around? He and I went through some pretty rough times together on this board so I just want to make sure he isn’t dead or fired.

Of course if he is…well hell then **you and I ** need to get together sometime for a glass of iced tea.

In the meantime I wanted to thank you, the techs, and mods for doing such a wonderful job on the new board. You guys should be proud of yourselves.

I also wanted to issue you a friendly challenge. To take time out of your busy day, come to mpsims and welcome me, a lowly poster, personally to this board.

If you can’t or don’t have the time then I will understand. However, I think that * Mrs. aha * would be very disappointed if you didn’t take a moment to introduce yourself, say hello and welcome us.

Well, I will be awaiting your welcoming post and in the meantime my regards to Mrs. Davis and any little Davis’ there might be.

What’s the matter aha, feeling unloved???:smiley: Gonna put jdavis in your sig too? Keep this up and your sig will be longer than you posts. I propose that we all, everyone of us who reads this thread, take the time to personally welcome aha to the boards(5 months late). I’ll start:
aha, Welcome to the SDMB. You’ve been here awhile, and I’m glad, you post a lot of interesting stuff. Keep coming back, it works if you work it.

Poor Aha, his sugardaddy Ed has gone on to to bigger and better things.

Welcome 5 months late Aha.

Welcome, aha. OK, so you got here before me. Welcome anyway. And send my love to Mrs. aha, wouldya?

Gee, aha, I only see one finger - looks like the middle one. :confused:

What a suck up. Geesh you should have come up with something more original. You used this on Ed. You might be sunk anyway, what if jdavis is female? I try to take you and mold you much the way a best friend is supposed do, and here you go and post this without even letting me know first.

Way to go aha. Let’s just hope this welcoming doesn’t turn into a repeat of the last one.

Geeezz your right Ultress I * hadn’t * thought that JDavis might be a girl…although I *think * I remember Ed telling me Jdavis was male.

As for not contacting you first,I should have,I guess rubbing elbows with the likes of Ed Zotti caused me to forget the little folks and the one thing that is really important in life, a best friend. I humbly apologize. I hope that you will forgive me.

jdavis is Jerry Davis, and you, aha, are a shameless self-promoting board whore.

No wonder everybody likes you.

Thanks Wally!!!

:confused: I think.

Jerry Davis is the big tech kahuna here at the Straight Dope.

No, that’s not his official title.

your humble TubaDiva

There, there, aha. You are loved and appreciated by me as well as many more posters. I already welcomed you once before, but I’ll be happy to do it again. So, welcome!!!


:smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile:

Well aha, you’ve done it, this one was too far over the top and you have actually sunk below breathing level. It was nice to know you! You will be missed. :frowning:

Guess what, aha?

I just exchanged some words with Jerry by email, and not only is he going to ban your sorry ass, he’s also going to send a reverse modulated oscillation transductively sequentilized that will fry your hard drive. Your monitor is toast, too.

ha ha, aha.

Wally I don’t think my potiential new friend Jerry would do that kind of thing.

You guys are just a bunch of jealous vindictive bastards because the bigwigs like me best. Don’t hate me for having friends in high places.

Good thing for you and B_line we are not in the pit.

Now look what ya done, you’ve stirred up Tuba and the rest of the admins and mods. Don’t let your feelings be hurt Tuba, aha is still new at this and doesn’t realize that he needs to suck up to all the mods and admins, not just selected one.


Only because you’re shameless enough to suck up to them. :stuck_out_tongue:

mutters while walking away …yeah… cause it’d be your pit of despair… scuffs the dirt with his shoe

Dearest aha,

Thank you and welcome! Please place me in your sig line as well. :wink:

Your Friend In High Places,