Well, I guess this means there is only one more person for aha to shamelessly suck up to.

HA! There… you bastards!!! I told you Jerry was my friend!!! I bet next time you’ll listen!!!

Now excuse me I have to go tell mrs aha and change my profile.

ohhhhh… im sure she’ll be thrilled. :rolleyes:

Sniff Sniff

I offered to have hot, steamy sex with you, aha, and all they did was say “welcome.” Yet they merit a mention in your sig???

Jeez, what’s a girl gotta do around here, anyway?


There you go Shayna, BTW, any other girls who want their name to be placed in my sig, please offer hot steamy sex and I will add it. :smiley:

Just dont be too surprised when aha yells out “OH JERRY!” or “OH ED” in the middle. :smiley:

I’d welcome you to the board AHA, but you beat me here. And actually, you welcomed me on my first post. As for the ‘hot steamy sex’…are you any good at that? It seems Mrs. AHA may not appreciate sharing you if you are, and if you aren’t, well, I would’ve traveled quite some distance to be disappointed.
Have a truly wonderful day, everyone. lea rae

Well Lea rae mrs aha said that she would rather share me than lose me altogether.

Yeah right! :smiley:

I guess I had better clean up that sig line too!

Hmmmm I guess the check to jdavis is in the mail

Don’t be too impressed, everybody.

aha has managed to get a hellohowareya from EZ and JD, but these guys are merely Cecil’s minions. Small fry, toiling in the caverns of Cecil’s empire.

aha, if you were to get a nicetameecha from the Big Man hisself, maybe I’d be whelmed by that.

Let’s see what ya got, Swami. :smiley:

Ooooooooooo a hi from Cecil himself? Can ya pull it off aha?? Good luck!

(10 bucks says he doesnt pull it off…)

Aha’s new sig says:

Oh, man. Now you’re in for it. You’ve demoted Ed to second mention in your sig. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes for all the tea in China!

Hey… Ed, Jerry and I are too close to allow a piddling little thing like that to come between us.

However notice the change in the Sig :slight_smile:

Man, oh man…

So now you’ve insulted Jerry in the thread you named for him! And do you really think Ed will be so easily appeased?

Congratulations, you’ve now probably pissed off both of them! They see how fickle you are (not to mention the way you’re going after Cecil).

Once again, I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes…

Haa! These guys wouldn’t get mad at me…we’ve been through too much together…

Dammit now you’ve made my colon spastic…

  • Is there another reason to hate you, aha? *

I’ll take that bet. I’m putting my $10 bucks on aha. Come on darlin, don’t let me down.

The view count on this thread is over 2600. Wassupwidat?

I do not believe this! This is in Threadspotting! Nice going, aha!

Nice goin aha

Don’t forget about that pride and fall thing though.