Jeanne Dixon

The fact is that Jeanne Dixon DID say that the President would die in office or be assassinated. Yes it is true that some of the things that she said did not come true. But…she clearly said in 1956 that whoever was President in 1960 would die in office or be assassinated. That’s pretty amazing to me! Although she wasn’t right on some issues, I do believe that she had some psychic powers.
I had a dream in the summer of 1997 that Princess Diana died in a car crash! So psychic experiences absolutely exist! Although some people are clearly not gifted in that area at all!

If a person were to write down 100 random thoughts of plausible headlines over the next year, some of them would be right just by chance. A single hit means nothing, it’s like predicting the roll of the dice. Make enough guesses and you’ll eventually be right.

How do you know if Jeanne Dixon or your predictions aren’t random chance? Why do you think they are an indication of psychic ability? Without looking at the whole list of predictions and determining if your guesses are any greater than chance it doesn’t seem logical to assume any psychic predictions.

In this case, most of her other predictions were wildly off base. Since that’s true, why would anyone put stock in a single vague prediction that happened to come to pass?

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Welcome to the SDMB. You’ll find that claims of psychic or supernatural talent take a lot more proof than “I wanna believe.”

Until, through the scientific method, that psychic prowess can be verified as even being possible, I stand behind this statement: No one is gifted in that area at all.

Prove me wrong.

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It’s helpful if you post a link to the Staff Report in question.

My response would be this: so what? So what if Jeanne Dixon successfully predicted one thing (or a few)? So what if you dreamed that Princess Diana died in a wreck? What about your 20,000 other dreams that didn’t come true? Or of Dixon’s books worth of predictions that never came true, or the ones that were too vague to really be disprovable? Hell, Joseph Smith correctly predicted that the Civil War would start in South Carolina. Why are there only 12 million people who recognize him as a prophet (AKA Mormons)?

I could write down a list of 1000 random predictions. If two or three come true, that doesn’t mean anything supernatural is at work. For there to be evidence of psychic ability or whatever, I at least would need to see a high batting average. That rules Dixon and Nostradamus right out, just to name two.

This is proof that The Kinks are psychics.

News of the world, tea and biscuits in bed
The headlines said that Diana was dead
She didn’t talk much, but she put on a show
She always smiled even when she was low
I used to fancy her a long time ago…

See? They predicted her death – actually using her name – in 1984!


Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster predicted the murder of Jack Kennedy. Pretty impressive for 1938. Superman caught the real killer.

Here are some things we would need to check before we can assess how amazing or not this is.

  1. What did she predict, and when? Where is the published, check-able source in which her prediction appeared before the event? Can we check her exact words? She may have hedged her bets quite a lot with weasel words like ‘may’, ‘could’, ‘perhaps’, ‘suggests’, ‘possibly’. Anyone can make a ‘possibly’ prediction. It’s possible there’ll be a snowstorm tomorrow. If I say this every day, I’m never wrong, and one day I’ll be right.

  2. How many predictions did she make, and how many proved accurate? Getting one right out of one is impressive. Getting one right out of hundreds is what we call ‘guessing’.

  3. How many times did she make this or a similar prediction? (If you predict a major air crash every day, sooner or later you’ll be right.) For all I know, she predcited the ‘death in office’ of every President that was ever elected.

  4. Is this the only prediction she made about this event? She may have told magazine A that the Prez will die, magazine B that he will be assassinated, and magazine C that he will live a long and healthy life. It’s not hard to be right if you predict all the possible outcomes.

Only when we have all this information will we be in a position to assess whether Dixon had any psychic ability.

define “clearly”

What’s funny is that she said publicly that she thought Nixon was going to win, so not only did she not predict Kennedy’s death (because it was supposed to be Nixon), she blew the election, too. Cite

Psychics are frauds. Period. The only reason that they have any sort of plausibility for people is because of the so-called “Jeane Dixon effect”.

I think that if there was anything to precognition, someone would’ve predicted 9/11.

Because of the “curse”, it was assumed any president elected in 1960 9and 1980) would die in office.

Can you cite evidence that the “curse” was in print before 1960?

I think the only bunny is referring to Tecumseh’s Curse (Cecil’s column about which was recently reposted to the Straight Dope’s front page), and is positing this as the reason Jeanne Dixon (maybe) predicted the death of whoever was elected in 1960. In other words, she was just going along with the whole curse legend (if she did indeed make such a prediction), and it just happened to come true – hardly an example of her phenomenal psychic powers.

Interesting thought. I wonder if she predicted that Reagan would die in office?

That would be frustrating then, since no one would believe you after the fact. Now, had you told someone before it happened, you would be highly acclaimed.
I predict the stock market will fluctuate!

Was it or not? I will have to search.

I doubt she predicted it, but he came quite close.

She, and 4 out of 5 doctors surveyed. :smiley:

sneakums writes:

> . . . she clearly said in 1956 that whoever was President in 1960 would die in
> office or be assassinated . . .

How many presidents were there up to 1956, and how many of them died in office? There were 34, and 7 of them had died in office. That means that the chances that any given President would die in office was a bit over 20%. Make 100 predictions, each of which has a 20% probability of coming true, and 20 of them, on average, will indeed come true. Then you only have to repeat over and over how 20 of your predictions came true, and you’ll look like a real prophet.

That puzzles me. You are obviously open to being proven wrong through the scientific method. (I agree with you that that is a reasonable standard.) But why take a position at all? Why not: I know of no one proven gifted in that area.?

Just curious – not corrective.

Just for further amusement on psychic predictions, you might check out Straight Dope Staff Report: How come TV psychics seem so convincing? which has some explanations of how “cold readings” work.