Jeff Healey...Confidence Man

I built a fire outside tonight and was listening to some old mix tape cassettes I did back in the 80s-90s. One that brought back a lot of memories was hearing** Confidence Man** again.

Confidence Man

Blind guy playing a Squier Strat upside down on his lap!

I saw him live once, for one song. Alpine Valley, the night before Stevie died. Eric Clapton finished his set and for an encore called up a “special guest”. Everyone thought it was going to be SRV, who played right before EC.
Nope, it was Jeff Healy. I don’t remember what song they did but they tore it up!
I wonder if footage from that show will ever be released.

Jeff Healey

Dammit, I had no idea he had died. A former girlfriend was a big fan of his and we had to watch “Roadhouse” because he was in it. I admired his technique.

Jeff Healey’s pretty good, I think:

Damn, Enter the Flagon beat me to posting the “See the Light” video. It’s just an amazing performance.

I will have to settle for linking to “I Would Do Anything For You”, by Jeff Healey and the Jazz Wizards. It’s another great example of his versatility, this time on trumpet, vocals, and guitar.