Guitarist Jeff Healey, passes at age 41

Jeff Healey


Oh, dear. I didn’t even know he was sick again. I recall him on CBC radio, playing from his collection of vintage jazz. A loss for us.

Well, shit. That well & truly sucks. :frowning:

I have been listening to ‘My Kinda Jazz’ since I first heard of its existence. We have lost a warm, friendly person as well as a gifted guitarist and a brilliant scholar of early Jazz.

May he rest in peace…

He squeezed a lot of life out of the tube he was given. Really great player and from the sound of it a great man.

Jeff helped out very generously with a group of us in the NYC area who trade around burns and dubs of rare 78s. He had that rare quality in a musician, a seriously eclectic love of music no critic or musicologist would give a damn about.

Wow, I’m stunned.

I used to be a regular at Albert’s Hall “Stormy Mondays” events, and he was frequently there. He was amazing live, as well as a great radio DJ.


A unique and warm guitarist who I always liked. I’ve sometimes tried to lay the guitar on my lap and do that upside down fingering thing he did. It’s freaking impossible. I don’t know how he did it. He kicked ass, though. Plus he fronted the house band in Roadhouse. That’s a cool thing to put on resume.

“Angel Eyes” is a great song.

The album “See The Light” came out right after I got divorced and as I moved into my current house. That was a fun time in my life and STL was part of the soundtrack.

Wow. I’m partly amazed that a) he died, and b) he was 41. I seem to remember him just breaking out as a teenager, or pretty young. But that might have been 16 years ago or so… Definitely a very talented guy. Sad.

I think he was only 16 or 17 when he made his first album. He was very young, at any rate. He was a bit of a teen prodigy.

Man, that sucks. Life sure dealt him a lousy hand, but he made the absolute most of what he got.

Great guitarist.

Excellent guitarist and extremely gifted. Hell to Pay is one of my all time favorite albums. I’ll be playing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” in his memory.

If heaven has a road house, I think it’s gonna sound like this for the next little while - Jeff Healey and Stevie Ray Vaughan

That’s a shame. I saw Jeff perform at Nathan Philips Square (City Hall) in Toronto before he was famous or had a record deal, and he blew everybody away. You could tell that he was destined to be known for his skills, and it all happened for him not long after I saw him.

I’ve just been going through the list of my recordings on VHS, and I have “Live In London: See The Light” and his appearance on Late Night with David Letterman, to perform “Confidence Man.” I’ll be transferring those to DVD soon.

One of my favorites Beatles cover

That was incredible. Thanks for posting it.

The first concert I ever saw was Jeff Healey playing at La Ronde when I was 18. The man and his band put on one hell of a show. A couple times Healey stood up and walked around (still playing the guitar on his lap), and when that wasn’t interesting enough he would flip it behind his head.

I had no idea about his history of cancer. :frowning: