Jennings as God

People have compared Ken Jennings of Jeopardy fame to God before, and did you ever notice the Jesus of Naz. analogy…

[li]Reverse his initials and you get J K (kinda like JC?)[/li][li]Mormon from Salt Lake City, Utah- we all have res. about Mormonism, but this place is like the closest thing to a religious epicenter of America[/li][li]How old was he when he appeared on the scene? 30 . He may still have been by the time he left :rolleyes: [/li][li]If you believe Jesus of N. was God incarnate, then you believe he knew all there is about the universe- which is almost as much as J K does :D[/li][/ul]

It may seem as if our Lord was defeated (on Jep.), but don’t be fooled- he brought it on himself (overwagering) b/c the time had come (laws of probability). But he is coming again very soon. No man knows the day or the hour (May 25th, Ultimate Tournament of Champions).

Somebody’s gotta look at this eventually… :dubious:

Nah. Too busy watching the tumbling tumbleweeds.