Jericho - worth watching? No spoilers, please

ITV have just started showing the post(?)-holocaust series Jericho. The first episode didn’t really grip me, but then I’m not a great TV watcher. Is it worth persisting?

Remember, no spoilers please, so as not to ruin it for those of us in the U.K.

I’d like to get some opinions too; maybe I’ll check it out on DVD. I watched the first two episodes, and my impression was: “Great premise (really old hat, of course, but it hasn’t been done in a continuing series before). But they seem to be dealing with it in standard CBS family drama fashion. I wish it were a gritty, grim, edgy show on HBO.”

I enjoyed it. Enough to DVR it. You won’t get much support around here. Seems like most here didn’t like it.
One thing that I did like was that when the show promised that the next episode would answer some big questions, the next episode answered some big questions. Not just where Jack got his tattoos. They moved the plot along pretty good, especially after the first few episodes. I could have done without some of the side plots. I will be watching when it comes back.

Jericho underwent a personality transplant.

The first, oh, dozen episodes were big on the soap opera of who loves whom, and the impact of the holocaust was really downplayed, to the point of ridiculousness. Despite occasional talk about shortages and no way to get more supplies, it seemed like every other episode ended with them having some sort of feel-good town get together complete with lots of food – a Halloween party, a feast on tables in the town center, etc. And the mayor would get up and deliver a heart-felt sermon on being human and maintaining civilization and so forth that was as bad as reading the worst spam-glurge.

Then they switched gears, and went action/adventure. Suddenly the people noticed that the lack of supplies would be a MAJOR problem, and you started having conflict between groups, between towns, within the town, and so forth. (Though no one ever seems to not have enough gas to drive around at whim.)

I much preferred the later angle. IMO, skip watching until you hit an episode that is described as something like ‘a platoon of marines comes to the town.’ Then skip a few more, and THEN start watching.

Of course, you might not appreciate the later episodes as much if you haven’t suffered through the earlier ones.
On rereading, I wasn’t clear: I meant you SHOULD watch the one with the marine platoon – very good episode – and then skip a couple more episodes and you’ll be at where the tone of the show changed in a major way.

I quite enjoyed it to be honest, not the top show from last autumn’s US schedule, but certainly not the worst. I thought it was worthy of a full second season order, but it didn’t get it.

The first 12 episodes were…meh.

After that, the shows finds its place and is really good. The finale of season 1 was excellent. Check it out.

Someone remind me in 11 weeks, ok?