Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno: Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

I really enjoy every episode of Jerry’s web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Such a great premise and the interaction between Jerry and his guest are so honest and unscripted.

Jerry and Jay have been friends for forty years. They started in comedy at almost the same time. This is best episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee yet.

Jerry on the Tonight Show talking about coffee

I’m not a big fan of modern-day Jay, but the teaser looked good. It reminded me of the old Jay. Plus, regardless of my feelings about Jay, the episodes I like best are the ones with Jerry’s old-time friends-- Letterman, Larry David and Michael Richards especially. The ones with people like Seth Myers just don’t do much for me.

I’ll check this out when I have a few minutes to spare.

Jerry and David Letterman Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

Dave rarely give interviews. He’s still a bit reserved here but Jerry gets him to open up a little.

The eps really are better when he has a long-time relationship with the person, though I appreciate his trying to give more exposure to people he feels are under-rated. While I liked the ep with Jay, my favorites are the one with Larry David, when he hangs out with Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, and (surprisingly) the one with Sarah Silverman. Her impersonation of her mother giving the movie times was hilarious.

And holy crap, I had no idea how rough the body looked on the Gmund coupes - how the hell did they sell any?

That was an interesting and funny episode. I liked Leno’s joke about the hole in the ground. He’s been completely unfunny for so many years on The Tonight Show that I just figured he’d used up his ability to be funny. Their riffs on each other and on the coffee were gold, Jerry, GOLD!

My favorite one was Alec Baldwin. His story about Burt Lancaster was hysterical.