Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," starts Season 7 Dec 30

I love this show and have seen most of the episodes several times. Its become a major web series hit. He’s booked the President for the premiere of this season. :eek: No joke, watch the season preview.

I’m even more impressed that Steve Martin agreed to an interview. He rarely does them any more and mostly focuses on touring in a bluegrass band.

Seinfeld usually is quite successful at connecting with his guests. He gets more candid interviews than usually seen on talk shows. One notable exception was last seasons interview with Steven Colbert. There was obvious tension between them. imho They were polite but it wasn’t one of the better episodes.

I love this show, it is largely comedians discussing their craft and quite fascinating. I wind up binge-watching many episodes at once since they are relatively short.

Highlights for me were the Carl Reiner/Mel Brooks, Larry David, Jimmy Fallon, Bill Burr, and Louis CK episodes.

Only thing I wish is they were longer, you can tell a lot gets (rightfully) left on the cutting room floor but I still want to see it.

I’m not a huge fan of Seinfeld as a person, but I love this show. I like the craft of comedy and his inexperience interviewing people ends up getting really great interviews… just fairly natural conversations. I think that’s the closest you would get to seeing the “real” people short of knowing them yourself.

I think my favorite was Julia Louis Dreyfuss because they had the giggles the entire time. I wasn’t expecting new ones so soon, so yay!

Is streaming it free? It says it’s on Crackle, but I’ve only tried that app once and for some reason remember not liking it. But I’ll probably check it out if it’s low-hassle.

It’s free on Jerry’s main web site. Its on Crackle too but I always go directly here…

Julia Louis Dreyfuss is my favorite interview too. Her close friendship with Jerry is so evident. They must have formed a strong bond working together for all those years on Seinfeld. There’s a great moment when Jerry is sulking a bit because his coffee latte isn’t hot. Julia grabs the cups and goes to the counter. Asks the people to heat it up in their microwave. But later, they get refills and Julia warns him “he’ll” be the one going to the counter if the coffee latte isn’t hot enough. :smiley: That’s a moment from a very old friendship right there.

My favorites are Larry David and Sarah Jessica Parker, though lots of them are pretty good. If you haven’t seen it, the Paley center interview with Letterman is also fun to watch.

I have to rewatch the JLD episode, I do remember being impressed with her. She seems like a very cheerful immortal who hasn’t aged since the 1980s.

I really liked the 2-part Jimmy Fallon episode when Jerry and he switched vehicles to an old Land Rover pulling a boat, the got lost on the way to the boat ramp. At the ramp Jerry backed the boat into the water himself, with a bunch of people watching. And he jumped out of the truck and pulled down his pants to reveal colorful swim trunks before he got in the water to unhook the boat from the trailer.

The cars are interesting too, we’ve seen a Delorean, Porsches, Mustang, MGB, and a VW Bus. It’s funny when one breaks down (which happens fairly often), I remember one of the female guests (Amy Schumer?) giving him a hard time over it.

The Obama interview was really good. The President was even allowed to drive a classic 1963 Vet around the White House grounds. But the interview itself was in the White House cantina or break room.

It was good, but it seemed to me they had less footage to work with than other episodes due to his time constraints. And you know, The Incredibles ruined that 'Vette for me - I keep wishing it had Gullwing doors!

I thought the Obama episode was meh. I didn’t appreciate the obvious setups, like the lines the gate guard was very obviously supposed to say. And the routine where Obama was busy writing at his desk and Jerry was waiting on the couch. Might as well have been a sitcom. The show is supposed to be unscripted.

The prez seemed like the whole thing was a bother, but he did seem to loosen up a little at times. Jerry wasn’t himself either but that is probably nervousness. I do like the observation he made that everyone the president interacts with is not being themselves. Hopefully he at least has a few longtime friends who talk to him candidly.

It wasn’t the best episode due to the very unusual restraints, but it wasn’t bad. I loved seeing the little boy inside of Obama come out interacting with the car, and I adored the two of them ripping on Larry David. I suspect a good 30% of Jerry’s life is listening to someone about Larry David things.

The show is unscripted but it’s always had its setups and bits. The fake phone call to ask someone out to coffee, dropping in at some nearby shop, and in an upcoming ep it looks like he and Will Ferrell are wearing the same thing. Some guests can’t help it, I think. But the president did seem honestly amused when Jerry asked “Was this fruit washed?”

I liked the scripted bit with Jerry knocking on the Oval Office windows. Obama’s lecture about leaving the half-eaten apple on his coffee table seemed to take Jerry by surprise. I think that was a real moment.

Jerry is at his best interviewing old friends. The Garry Shandling and Steve Martin interviews may be really good. Depends on how well Jerry knows them.

I’m not sure how many seasons this show has left. Jerry has pretty much interviewed all the older comics that he knows. I guess he’ll have to make do with the young and up coming comics in future seasons.

I still hope he eventually interviews Jason Alexander. He’s the one cast member from Seinfeld that hasn’t done an interview.

The best part: Jerry flopping down on the couch, almost laying down on it.

Bored in the Oval Office waiting for PotUS to finish something? Of course.

I realized after reading some of the comments here about favorite episodes that I hadn’t seen all the episodes. I missed the entire S5. I don’t know how I did that. I got caught up today and that Miranda Sings person (or whatever her name was) was awful. That was painful to watch and I almost turned it off and went to the next one. I’m assuming that was a character/persona thing and she was in-character the whole time? But like… I wouldn’t want to see anyone in-character. It defeats the purpose of getting to know the real person.

I could maybe deal with PeeWee Herman because his infectious sweetness and enthusiasm would be a stark contrast to surly Jerry, but the real Paul would be just as interesting and maybe moreso.

I recently watched an interview with Colleen Ballinger when she is not in character, and she seemed nice, intelligent, and funny. Can’t figure out why she’d create such an irritating persona for herself.

But the new YouTuber comedians are an eclectic bunch still finding their feet, it’s fascinating to see who is coming to the forefront via new media.

They posted the Steve Martin interview last night. He was the guest that I most wanted to see this season. I’ll watch the others eventually but theres no hurry.

I can’t imagine a person so different in real life. Steve is very introspective and analytical. Reportedly very intelligent. I don’t know how he managed to create the Wild and Crazy guy character night after night. Check out all the wild body movements this guy did. Then try to imagine the guy that went for coffee with Jerry Seinfeld recreating that character. He would be too embarrassed to be seen doing that stuff now.

Eventually it all became too much. Steve abruptly quit stand up (late 1970’s??) and never looked back. Jerry asked him about returning with new material. He’s not interested.

I can’t stand the character but I was taken by the fact that Jerry obviously loves it. He was very amused by it. It does stand out as an anomaly since it’s not a real person.

I heard Paul Reubens on the Nerdist a few months ago. He is a very good interview. He hasn’t done the character in so long that when they asked for a quick quote it was difficult for him to do the voice.

I do have to catch up. I hated the Howard Stern interview but then again I went from being a big fan to not being able to stand looking at him. The Carl Reiner episode I loved. I was disappointed with the Joel Hodgson episode. I wanted to hear from Joel but they didn’t seem to really talk about much. In the Larry David episode you can see that Jerry finds just watching Larry navigate through life hilarious. I’ve heard from other comics that Jerry has been on the top of the heap for so long that he doesn’t even try to fake amusement. When he laughs you know he means it. The Michael Richards episode was kind of sad. He is resigned to the fact that he won’t ever perform in any meaningful way and is doing penance.

Colleen Ballinger is adorable. Miranda Sings is completely unattractive. I’m not sure how that works.

I have mixed feelings about it. At first it seemed like a dumb idea from a bored over-hyped celebrity trying to amuse himself, which in a way it probably is, but I have to admit he’s actually created something there. Seinfeld is basically acting as a proxy for everyone who’d like to know what the various celebrities are really like in person, and he mostly succeeds pretty well.

It depends on the celebrity, and the differences are part of the fun. Bill Maher was one of the most natural, probably for the simple reason that (as Seinfeld put it) he just doesn’t care. Which is why Seinfeld picked a VW Beetle former German police car to symbolize it. Maher invited him into his house before they went for coffee and rambled on about all-natural bread and goat butter and California weather. It was great. The Letterman one was almost the opposite – Letterman was more private, and was Mr. Smoothly Professional in his eccentric way and could almost have been doing a bit on his own show.

So thanks for the heads-up on the new season. I’m not going to rave about this bit of silliness, but I’ll probably enjoy watching some of it.