Comedians in cars getting coffee

I’ve been binge watching this recently, it is decent. The interviews aren’t always as in depth as I’d hope, but when Seinfeld has a guest on he has known for decades the interviews are better.

I just watched the episode with Garry Shandling. Apparently that episode was released in January of 2016 and Shandling died in March of 2016.

In the entire episode all they talk about is death. Was that episode re-edited after Shandling’s death or was the original episode that was released the same one that is on now? Because of all the episodes I’ve seen so far, this is the only one where they talk about nothing but death, and then the guest dies a few months later.

Shandling and his friends knew he was going to die soon when he did the show. I doubt editing was much required to make that the focus.

The episode with Barack Obama (while he was still in office) is great!

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee - S07E01 - Barack Obama

I’m not sure how in depth you think a 15 minute web show can get. You also have to subtract the time spent on the car premise. Grabbing a cup of coffee implies light conversation. So basically nothing about the premise or structure says “in depth.”

The Carl Reiner/Mel Brooks episode is my favorite. Howard Stern is my least favorite although Miranda Sings is pretty low too. Jerry was obviously amused but doing it in character fizzled.

The Mel Brooks one was the best I’ve seen. I love the fact Mel & Carl have been good friends for 65 years at this point. Next best was Jon Stewart. As I recall, he picked out a junky car that was the same junky model Jon has in High School, it was a gremlin maybe. It proceeded to break down and they needed another car to finish the interview.

The rest are hit or miss, I don’t remember the Stern one, The Miranda one was not great.

He died of a heart attack, can you really predict those in the near term future?

Perhaps. I’m comparing him to other interviewers like Marc Maron and Joe Rogan who may do a 2-3 hour interview with one person and it goes much further in depth.

Apparently during the interview, Shandling said he’d been recently diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism, which is linked to heart disease and heart attacks. He may have been aware of how tenuous his health was.

I saw the ep when it was released and have re-watched since he died- it hasn’t been changed.

I like the early eps, when he was closer to the people he took out for coffee. Kinda like Car Karaoke, early on no one wanted to do it but once it got popular lots of people said why he hadn’t asked them? (Some of whom he HAD asked.)

My favorites so far have been the ones with former cast members and the ones with Sarah Silverman (whom I rarely like) and Sarah Jessica Parker (who was just charming as heck).

That’s like complaining that football isn’t more like baseball. It’s not supposed to be in depth.

If someone prefers baseball to football, it would make sense if they said for example “Football’s not like baseball where everyone is allowed to run unimpeded and just exhibit that skill to its utmost. In football you never get to do that because everybody’s trying to tackle each other all the time.”

De gustibus etc etc but the very notion of describing a preference by comparing two things isn’t the kind of nonsense you’re making it out to be.

I’m a little confused. It’s in a different order on Netflix than how it was filmed or am I crazy? I thought Larry David was the first episode. I don’t think it matters much but I don’t understand the change.

I did like the Larry David episode. It’s obvious that Jerry is tickled by everything he does.

The problem is expecting baseball to be football, not having a preference. CiCGC is exactly what it is set up to be. The conceit is that Jerry is calling someone up to grab a cup of coffee and chat. It’s a 15ish minute show. It’s supposed to be jokey and light. It’s unrealistic to think it is possible to be like a 2 hour sit down interview. It’s also not like a Busby Berkeley musical but that’s ok because it’s not trying to be.

Yes and it went undiagnosed for way too long because “the symptoms were the same you’d expect in any old Jew. You get puffy and lethargic”. (paraphrased from memory.)

More on the infamous Gremlin from the Bruce Springsteen Kennedy Center honors in 2009. You can jump to 2:30 but the whole thing is funny.

That was awesome. It is true too, Pintos did feel better about themselves thanks to Gremlins.

I did enjoy the cars. I think it was the Larry David one with the Bug from the 50s. Totally under powered even by Bug standards. No turn signal only a flag that popped up.

I love it but the Miranda Song(s?) one was by far the worst. I think I didn’t even finish it. I love that because he knows them all (except for her) fairly well, I think we do see a more authentic side of the guests than you do on a standard talk show. It comes off as a conversation, not an interview… and I don’t think however funny his guests are that that many of them are that good of actors to pull it off.

I think that’s why Ana Fari’s podcast, Unqualified, works well too. She, like Jerry, is “one of them” and they’re hanging out at her house or dressing room, not a studio.

Lewis Black’s was very awkward also. I have no idea why, my understanding is they actually know each other fairly well. My guess is Lewis Black is just an odd duck.

ETA: The John Oliver was a pretty excellent one, and they didn’t know each other, just had a good mutual friend.

I’ve been watching loads of these episodes in recent days - I like the way it features some comedians we don’t see much of in the UK, and the fairly mundane American settings are quite informative too. Also, despite generally having no interest at all in cars, I’m finding that aspect surprisingly fun - I really enjoy Seinfeld’s little historical summaries of them.

I’m enjoying the show, but can anyone tell me what the deal with Bob Einstein was? In the Bob’s second appearance Seinfeld says he got a free Acura and he’s going to give it to Bob if the show goes well, then at the end he says it was his car, there was no free car. Was he joking the first time or the second? Did Bob get the car? I’m confused.