Jersey Shore is trending now? Are you f'n kidding me.

You know, I really don’t care if cable networks want to put on crappy reality shows. Doesn’t effect me one bit. Because all I have to do is NOT watch! Problem solved Right?

Wrong! Now these stupid advertising companies are giving them contracts to push their crap. One guy (The situation) is pushing some sort of weight loss pill and so is some other muscle head guy. And now I see today that they gave yet another one a contract with Kraft miracle Whip!!

Jesus fuck! WTH is wrong with these people? Do they really think anybody outside the M-TV universe wants to see these fucks?

Also, shame on you Comedy Central for allowing “The Situation” on the Donald Trump roast. Talk about the most awkward moment on television ever!!

/End recreational outrage.

Shame? Kudos, I say. Now even more people know what a tool that guy is.

Funny headline from Monsters & Critics: ***They had Elizabeth Taylor - we have Snooki ***.

Isn’t “someone who bombs” part of the Comedy Central Roast formula?

This guy was set up to fail.

Is this thread title about that idiotic box Yahoo Mail puts in the corner of your screen? The idea that some of the stuff in that top ten list is “trending now” is hilariously stupid/absurd.

I think the OP meant “trendy”.

On that note, however, whenever I see the names of celebrities who haven’t been in the news for awhile, my immediate thought is that they died.

I’ve seen a few of them— who were the past fall guys/gals?

Farrah Fawcett at the Shatner roast, for one.

Well, realistically, I’m quite sure that Snooki is well-versed in white, creamy substances that I won’t put in MY mouth.

Anyone else notice that Ice-T is starting to look like Quincy Jones? His reaction (2:50) is priceless.

I couldn’t watch more than a minute of it. It was painful. Also, shouldn’t the jokes be about the Roastee, and not random celebrities?

When you’re roasting you first roast all the other roasters before climaxing all over the roastee.

OK. I’ve never actually watched a roast, so I didn’t know. I still stand by my “painful to watch” comment.

The funniest roast performance I’ve ever seen was this one by Lisa Lampanelli at the Gene Simmons roast, the part about Simmons especially. Check it out and you’ll see how a roast is supposed to go.

Don’t worry too much about JS - the pushback has already begun…

Is the Situation supposed to be one of Trump’s buddies or something? None of this makes any sense. “And now, here’s some random schmoe from the audience to say a few words…”

In any event, I too gave up about a minute in. It was either that or suicide, to be honest.

-is Snooki preggo yet? She looks like the type to sleep around
-(for British Dopers) An english friend once told me that “Trump” is British slang for “fart”-is this true?

I’ve seen almost all the CC Roasts and I don’t remember anybody being sent up deliberately to fail. It’s not really part of the formula as far as any one I’ve ever seen looked. I think they just threw him up because he was recognizable, I’m sure they probably wanted to poke some fun on his behalf as well. As someone said earlier, all the presenters get picked on prior to the guest of honor and he gave everyone else a fresh face to pummel. There’s only so many jokes you can make about how Lisa Lampanelli is fat and fucks black guys, and Whitney Cummings is skinny and gives blowjobs.

I thought Marlee Matlin was especially hilarious actually.

While true, it seems like that, in the past, the section on other people was a lot shorter, and the one about the roastee longer. Now it seems like everyone gets one or two jokes on them.

I just found her on Youtube. That was old style roasting, and was 100% hilarious. She got the setup perfect, rather than just saying something mean like a lot of the comics today do. And her “interpreter” had impeccable timing.

Unfortunately, Gottfried, while okay, did not quite measure up. He went on too long with the negative. And that took the sails out of Matlin’s last joke.