Charlie Sheen Roast Uncensored?

Comedy Central sometimes shows uncensored versions of their roasts late at night.

Does anybody know if they’re doing this for the Charlie Sheen Roast? And if so, the date and time?

Sheen said on Leno that he asked to have some of material that mentioned his mother be cut out of the broadcast. As far as the profanity I don’t know. 10 pm et with a repeat at 11:30 et.

I’m not sure, though in the past they’ve run the uncensored roasts on Friday nights at 1 AM central time, IIRC.

I’m watching, it is being censored, but only the really “profane” ones. Shit is getting through but the F-Word is not.

It’s a bit painful, isn’t it? Some of the drug jokes are pretty good but jokes about child endangerment/kids being removed/wife beating just aren’t funny. Steve-O looked genuinely furious when Amy Whatever made the Ryan Dunn joke.

They censored “cumdumpster” but not much else.

They censored “Down’s syndrome”!!! I had to stop and think for a moment about what was being censored there.

‎"During a dark period in my life, I found inspiration by reading the epic poem The Iliad. So you see Seth, I’m not the only one who is succeeding by taking ideas from Homer" … it’s been 5 hours and I’m STILL laughing at that one

I realize it is a roast and almost everything is fair game for a joke; however, I must say I thought the Ryan Dunn joke was in very poor taste. Steve-O really did look like he wanted to choke her when she said that. He has came so far in his sobriety I’m sure he has some survivors guilt over the death of Dunn.

Yeah, that was below the belt. I’m usually all for going for pure brutality in a roast but there has to be a line.

As far as the uncensored thing goes, they used to run them in the “Secret Stash” bit of late night programming but now they don’t run the roasts uncensored in that time slot. From what I read somewhere (and I can’t verify this but it sounds likely to be true) Comedy Central no longer airs uncensored material that they own the rights to, like the roasts, because they want you to buy the DVD version of that in order to hear the dirty words. Seems pretty stupid to me, but it is Viacom after all.

Still, it was a really funny roast when all is said and done. Ross killed as usual.

The whole point of the roast is to push that line. Once you start down that path I think it’s a bit hypocritical to then say “Whoa, that’s just too far.”

Especially when Steve-O wasn’t the one being roasted. And apparently he has cleaned up his act.

I thought Tyson’s reaction to Steve-O’s request to punch him was funny and probably real: “There aren’t gonna be cops coming by after are there?” He was probably afraid of a replay of when Bonaduce dropped that guy on his head and got sued (case dismissed).

And if Seth McFarlane isn’t gay (and he claims he isn’t) then he missed the best chance anybody will ever have. And also a total waste- that guy is sizzling hot.

I don’t like Anthony Jeselnik in general but I did think his send up of McFarlane was funny: “He’s hosting here again, because as we all know if he gets a laugh the first time doing something he’s gonna fucking do it again and again and again.”

I thought Patrice was weakest, especially calling Shatner out for racism (which I know was just part of Patrice’s roast) when he probably had the least racist monologue of the night. And while I know he’s had more reconstructive surgery than the woman who fought with the chimp I have to say Shatner looks pretty good considering he’s 80.

What was the Ryan Dunn joke?

Amy Schumer said something like “Steve-O, we were so sorry when your good friend Ryan Dunn was killed. We know you were probably was thinking it could’ve been you, with the rest of us saying ‘Why wasn’t it Steve-O?’"

Poor video quality but here’s the moment: around 6:05. Exact line:

“Steve-O is here, Steve-O, great try.” (Reference to his monologue earlier.) “Steve-O, but I truly am- no joke- sorry for the loss of your friend Ryan Dunn, I know you must have been thinking ‘It could have been me’ and I know we were all thinking ‘Why wasn’t it?’.”

The “Why wasn’t it” was voiced like somebody angry and disappointed. The fact Schumer is a nobody (other than to her boyfriend, Anthony Jeselnik, who was there) is perhaps a part of the furor as well: as a “get your name on the floor” move it was brilliant.

They just ran the Hasselhoff roast uncensored last week. Or maybe the week before. Just recently at least.

If they ever release a sex tape, it’ll look like Patrick Bateman fucking a Cabbage Patch Kid.

The same thing is irritating about the modern raunchier roasts that was irritating about the Dean Martin roasts back in the '70s: all the people falling over laughing at unfunny material. That said, I’d love to see Ruth Buzzi come out as her hairnetted old maid character and hit some of them with a purse for old time’s sake.

Now that’s a funny roast line!

He did have the very cruel but very funny line “Charlie only started in TV because God hates Michael J. Fox”.

Why was that one B-grade comedian wearing that comic opera Admiral’s coat?:confused:

Jeff Ross. He’s the roastmaster at these things. B-grade is very charitable, though he did open for Sheen on the road. He was dressed as Muommar Qaddafi- why I’m not sure.

My favorite joke, from Seth MacFarlane (paraphrasing): “Mike Tyson has conquered all opponents he’s ever faced…except the letter S”