Jesse Jackson, and why he needs to back off

Am I the only one here who seems to feel that Jesse Jackson is a zit on the face of America? He seems to show up when you least want him to and you can’t pick at him or you might get scarred. He meddled with the battle in Kosovo when asked to stay away, and he’s currently staging protests in Illinois over black kids who were expelled from school. The thing I don’t get here is that the kids violated school policy by fighting at a football game, yet they shouldn’t be kicked out of school because they are black. Three schools have been canceled due to these protests, and apparently won’t open until this issue is resolved. Jesse Jackson won’t leave until the kids are put back in school. So my question here is, Why does Jesse Jackson think he’s doing everyone a favor by leading these protests, when he could be helping everyone else out by leaving the situation alone? Am I getting this issue all wrong or is this more about Jesse wanting attention rather than dealing with a real issue?

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From what I saw on the news last night, his point was that they threw the kids out of school, but gave them no place to go, and its unreasonable to expect that with nothing to do, they are definitely just going to continue being in trouble. I think that is a very good point, and I think that instead of just throwing kids out of school, they should instead be transferred to a Reform School or something.

Keeves: The Board offered a compromise involving alternative schools, but Jackson rejected it.

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That’s it, I pledge my allegiance to the Cow God for bringing up such a good topic. Just a couple of things I have gleaned from the web regarding the students.
The 7 of them have cumulative absences of 350 days.
3 of them are 3rd year freshmen.
All of the students were offered an independent hearing. None of them (or their parents) showed up.

It’s not like they are good students in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s not like they are being picked on by the evil white schoolboard. They have a pretty blatant history of disregard for school.

It seems to me that this story has turned away from being about trouble making kids and turned into Jesse Jackson and his inflammatory rhetoric. He has his face in the news decrying these kids’ treatment while glossing over their obvious and multiple misdeeds. I wonder what kind of career Jesse would be forced into if there was no media in this country.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

You guys mention Jesse Jackson, but lets not forget about his radical and dangerous associate, the Rev. Al Sharpton. Sharpton has appeared to back off slightly in the past year or so (presumably to gain more public acceptance while he ran for mayor of NYC), but you can see elements of his true character shining through. He is a racist in every sense of the word (find some of his radio transcripts, from around the time he was trying to organize the boycott of Freddy’s clothing store in Harlem…the anti-Semitism is about as blunt as you can get). He also victimizes the naive to progress his own political causes (remember the Tawana Brawley case?) Finally, the worst part is that people actually respect this reprehensible person. Opinions?

I want to know who appointed Jesse Jackson the spokesperson for every black person in America. Actually that’s a rhetorical question. I know who appointed him – he appointed himself. So I guess my question is why do people put up with this?

The company I work for (a large aerospace firm in Seattle) recently settled a lawsuit brought by some minority workers who felt they were passed over for promotions. I can’t speak about the merits of the case but I was pleased to see it resolved amicably – until I learned that the settlement involved the aforementioned Rev. Jackson. And not all the workers involved were black! I guess he just speaks for oppressed people everywhere!!

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Here here! Cowgod for President. You’ve nailed it,young man. It is one thing for Jimmy Carter to go on diplomatic missions,and even when Richard Nixon ended the baseball strike(?),but this is just someone crying racism whenever something happens to a black person.

Snce when is it the School Board’s responsibility to provide these youth a place to go once they have worn out their welcome? Feh. Actually, the government did provide a place for these lads. Three meals a day, a bed, shelter, and bars on the windows. From what I have heard of these fellows (which, admittedly, could be one sided), jail IS the appropriate alternative.

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Good post about the “reverend” Al Sharpton. As far as I know, this idiot caused untold damage to many people in upstate NY (the Tawana Brawley case). I believe somebody won a judgement against him-has he paid a penny of it?
Also, regarding “3rd year students”. I heard that my home city (Boston) has people in high school who are in their mid 20’s? How did this type of idiocy come to be tolerated?
I wouls think that parents have a right to know that their children are not supposed to share a classroom with somebody who has no desire whatever to learn.

Because you don’t see many white folks out there fighting for the rights of black Americans, however misguided some of Jesse’s actions are. And, frankly, nobody had much of a problem when he got our white POWs out of Bosnia.

Yeah, how dare he get a labor/management dispute for people of all colors resolved amicably? What the hell is his problem?

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