Jesse Jackson... where does the money come from?

My apologies if this has been discussed before… but as has been mentioned ad nauseum, the search engine is WORTHLESS.

After the latest flap involving the firing of Ray Rhoades (sp?) (a downtrodden black man who has made a ton of money the past two years being an awful NFL coach who has caused Jesse Jackson to launch an investigation…) I started thinking… what does Jesse Jackson do for a living? Where does his income come from? He seems to do nothing but fly around the world, adopting causes that will give him the best photo op and highest media coverage, but I can’t figure out what his JOB is… Could all of his income come from the Rainbow Coalition, and if so… what IS the coalition? Is it a political organization? a PAC? a religious org? And, as a follow up, when he takes a trip overseas to meddle in foreign policy… who pays for the trip? His organization or does it come out of his own pocket? What’s on this guy’s 1040?

(As an aside, I hope if Chan Gailey gets fired this week, Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow Coalition (who’s rainbow only seems to have one color in it) fights for this white man who took his team to the playoffs but was let go anyway.)

(ahem) Thanks for any insight.

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Jesse Jackson gets funding from many sources…many black churches throughout the south support his causes…and the various black organizations also support him. He is extremely popular in the south…the hope among the black population is that he will be the first black president…thus all his meddling in foreign affairs…the more publicity he can obtain the greater his chances…believe me…the man does not need to work…his 1040…I’m sure that he is considered self-employeed

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The Rainbow Coalition is a charitable organization. My WAG is he draws a salary as a director of the organization, similarly to the directors/presidents of the Red Cross or United Way.


I believe he also gets a sizeable royalty on the sale of each Webster’s dictionary - considering how many words he makes up everytime he speaks on Television.

This was an editorial cartoon dating back to the troop deployment just before the Gulf War, where JJJ, to his credit, convinced Saddam to release some of his “guests:”

   (JJJ speaking)

“Saddam Hussein, you have gone from the desert tent,
to high rent.
Now, poison gas you wield,
against Desert Shield.
But the many nations
favor negotiations.
And Ku-wait,
can’t wait.
So what’s your plan,
in the desert sand?”

(Saddam, looking perplexed, in an aside to an aide.)

“Can anyone tell me what he’s saying?”

Also, remember he convinced the peace-loving Syrians to release a downed flier, and got some kind of concession (that I don’t clearly remember) out of Milosevic.

He really has a gift.

Either that or they gave in so that he would leave and take his corny rhymes with him.

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Jesse Jackson is a man of the cloth - cashmere.
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Chief Wiggum and others interested, if you get the Fox News Channel, try to watch Bill O’Reilly’s show (8pm EST) - he’s covered the issue of where Jesse Jackson gets his millions working for non-profits. The topic has been coming up every few days. At least according to O’Reilly, Jackson et al are unwilling to reveal where the money comes from or where it goes. (They also reported that Jackson recently cussed out a Fox News reporter who asked him to comment on the issue.)

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Someone said Jesse Jackson was popular in the South. I live in the South and he sure ain’t popular with me.

He insinuates himself into situations where he has no business. He effectively makes up his own foreign policy and presents himself as if he is an envoy of the United States. I believe that foreign rulers often grant his wishes just to further embarass and humiliate our elected leadership.

If I were King of America, the next time Jesse Jackson left the country to medle in my foreign policy, he would play hell ever getting back in.

So there.

Ha Ha Ha Ha!

I KNEW Jesse would step in for Rhodes. He did the same thing when black coaches at Louisville and Oklahoma were fired. If anything, it’s going to make it hard to hire black coaches. What owners want to deal with this crap when they fire a mediocre coach?

The problem with Jesse Jackson is he’d rather blame white people for all of black societies ills. Drug use, teen pregnancies, crime (like Decatur), unemployment, etc among the black community are out of control…

Um, can we find any white people to blame?

Tell you what, between Ray Rhodes and Dennis Green, I’d say people owe Howard Cosell a posthumous apology.

We might ask where Newt Gingrich’s money comes from. Not to mention a few others.

All the same.

That is not the same; it’s not even close. Gingrich, as a member of Congress, was paid a salary. He most certainly was not an executive of a non-profit organization called “Congress.”

KM2 writes:

> The problem with Jesse Jackson is he’d
> rather blame white people for all of black
> societies ills. Drug use, teen
> pregnancies, crime (like Decatur),
> unemployment, etc among the black
> community are out of control…

Jesse Jackson has hardly spent all of his life blaming white people for the problems of black society. In his early career, from about 1968 (just after Martin Luther King’s assassination) to 1984, he spent his time going to black churches and high schools preaching a gospel that was largely black self-improvement. He always made it clear that it was necessary both to eliminate discrimination against blacks and for blacks to then use that opportunity by working hard to advance themselves. Early on in his career though, he hadn’t reached the level of national recognition that allowed him to go to white leaders and chastise them about their lack of black representation, so he concentrated speaking to black organizations about self-improvement.

By 1984, the first time he ran for the Democratic nomination for President, he had achieved the sort of fame where he could get noticed. He became less interested in the work of talking to black churches and high schools and more interested in applying pressure to white organizations. In many cases, he was absolutely correct about the discrimination he saw in the white organizations. In other cases, particularly more recently, he was wrong.

It’s hard to tell what he thought he was accomplishing by his runs for the Presidency. He must have known that he didn’t really have much chance of getting the nomination. It appears that he was mostly concerned with making sure that the Democratic Party stayed in touch with black issues. If he had actually wanted to get into real political work, he could have (for instance) run for mayor of some big city in 1980 (when he was only 39 years old). He could have spent, say, two terms as a mayor and two or three terms as a governor or senator learning what real politics is about. That would have meant that this year (when he’s still only 59), he would have had the experience that could have made him a decent President. Instead, he’s hit a glass ceiling in his influence.

Incidentally, KM2, it’s not true that “drug use, teen pregnancies, crime (like Decatur), unemployment, etc among the black community are out of control…” All of those have been dropping among blacks since the early nineties and, what’s more, have been dropping faster among blacks than among whites. Look up the statistics yourself if you don’t believe me.

I was referring to the PAC perks, book contracts, etc. Where have you been in the 90’s???

Planet Earth. Welcome back to you if you’re new to the concept that the members of Congress disclose the amounts of money received from PACs. At least my rep does.

When’s the so-called reverend going to fess up to where he got his millions?

As further proof that Jesse Jackson does not blame white people for all the ills of black society, he and his son (the one who’s a Congressman) have just written a book about financial planning for blacks. They chide blacks in this book for not going to the kind of financial seminars that many middle- to upper-middle-class whites go to. They say that there are a lot of standard financial rules that many whites (with no higher salaries than well-off blacks) know that more blacks need to learn.