Jesus Christ = bad-ass teenager

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TBS aired The Matrix last night, and while watching it I noticed something that caught me a bit off guard. (FYI, repeats are airing Monday and Tuesday.) At the beginning of the movie Neo gives a man a disk in exchange for $2000. The man says to Neo

It’s an important line because, well, if you’ve seen the movie you know why. But apparently TBS is afraid of Jesus. In their interpretation of The Matrix, the line goes:

What the heck? Is “Jesus Christ,” as used in this context, really so bad? And since when are “Jesus Christ” and “juvenile delinquent” synonymous? When teenagers engage in mischievous activity, do TBS censors chase after them, screaming “Come back here you little Jesus Christs”? In an age in which the evil F word is now speakable on television, saying the name of The Big Guy’s son hardly seems worthy of getting in a twit. Or perhaps I’m just not enlightened enough to get it.

I don’t know, but if they’ve got a problem with that, they’re sure not gonna like a certain Depeche Mode song…

This might not be the answer, but I’ve met religious people who would freak out at the idea that anyone, under any circumstances, would be suggested to be, even in a minor way, the equal of Jesus.

So here you have Jesus and his family attending the wedding at Cana. Jesus and His friends are playing, perhaps kicking a ball around, when His mother notices that the wine is running low, and asks Him to walk into town and get some more.

He’s a teenager, and it’s a nice day, and He and His friends are having a good time, and it’s a long walk into town (and longer coming back carrying a couple of wineskins) but He doesn’t give His mother any lip (this is Jesus, after all). Instead, He passes His first miracle, and turns the water into more wine. His friends are impressed: “Pretty cool, dude!”

Somehow I can just see this happening…
(I’ve also noted that the bit in the Sermon on the Mount about straining at gnats and swallowing camels is a pun in Aramaic. This leads to one of two conclusions: Either Jesus is using cynical rhetorical tricks to sway the crowd, or he has a decent sense of humor. I much prefer the latter interpretation. Does anyone remember the '60s poster of the Lauging Jesus?)

i seem to recall reading an article many years back–my possibly aging-and-faulty memory is telling me the author was Kurt Vonnegut, but i could be wrong. but anyway, the point was how some of the subtleties of what JC may have said have probably long since been lost in the continuing string of translations. (the basic argument was that Jesus may have been making a mild joke when he told Judas what is now interpreted as “The poor ye shall always have with you.”)

but whomever was author, they made one very valid point–the first thing that gets lost in translation is the sense of irony or jocularity that may have been in a statement. sort of like truth is supposed to be the first casuality of war; humor is the first victim of translation.