Things Mary probably never said to Jesus

“Close that door! What, were you born in a stable?”

“So, who do you think you are, God?”

Any others?

How come your relatives never show up at family occasions?

You’re such a goody-goody!

Do you know how worried I was when you just disappeared for 40 days and nights? You should tell me where you’re going to be when you stay out.

Hvae you got a girl-friend yet?

Well I think you were just encouraging drunken behaviour at that wedding…

I still don’t understand about how a camel can get through there…

Stop biting your nails!

I don’t know about those friends you hang out with.

Where ya’ goin’?

When will you be back?

Just wait till your Father gets home.

Gone for THREE DAYS?! You better have a damn good excuse!

Can you run to the store for me? We’re out of fish and bread.

It’s your Birthday again?.. Well, you better help me with the tree this year!

While you were out feeding everybody and their brother, some Roman soldiers were here looking for you. They said they would be back. What kind of trouble are you in, anyway?

Don’t play with that. It’ll fall off.

Next Thursday is your grandfather’s birthday - don’t let me forget to get him a nice card.

I guess that’s just your cross to bear.

You going to finish your myrrh or get no nachos when the PPV movie starts!

Don’t you take that holier-than-thou attitude with me mister!

Other sons go on to be doctors, and marry a nice girl, and take care of their mothers. But no, you have to hang around with your hoodlum friends and act like the Messiah! Oy!

“What, you think crosses grow on trees?”

“Next time I find the swimming pool filled with wine, you’re grounded!”

If I have to stop this oxcart, you’re all going to get it.

That young Judas has a nice job. Why can’t you be more like him?

Yes I threw that stone. You said let the one without sin cast the first stone.