Jesus H, THIS is the worst site ever

Okay, so maybe this page irritated me more than it should have, but sheesh! What the hell is this? I should not have to highlight text to be able to read it.


Perhaps a coding error?

A secret Illuminati message?

The possibilties are limitless.

Feh. It’s a Geocities site but they’re using an image from a Tripod site as their background image. Either Tripod doesn’t allow their images to be linked to from off-site and replaces the image with that Tripod logo when you try or they have exceeded their bandwidth allocation from Tripod. Whatever the case, I am pretty sure the background image they have is not the one they were expecting.

Okay, so I’ve seen worse… but that page really irritated the living hell out of me for some reason.

That is it. Tripod is not at all user friendly in that respect.

You mean you can read it when it’s highlighted? I sure can’t. Instead of unreadable white over garbage, it’s unreadable black over garbage.

Just a little update, I just went and there’s a new dark background. Perfectly readable.

That’s odd, it was black for about one second before going all haywire again. Arrr.


I just tried it and got the tripod logo tiled.

This is the background image they wanted (plain black).

No, that link gives the logo again. As tanstaafl said previously it must be the way tripod reacts to attempts to link images.

Why not just use bgcolor=#000000?

I think that’s because your browser has to download the background image as a file.

Here’s the culprit…

<body link="#FFFF00" vlink="#FFFF00" alink="#FFFF00" bgcolor="#000000" text="#FFFFFF"
background="" bgproperties="fixed">

Notice they have a “bgcolor” and a “background” tag. I suspect if you have images turned off you will only get the black background.

Out of curiosity, Omniscient, what browser are you using? For me the screen flashes black for about a second then I get the Tripod background garbage in both IE and Opera. Of course, toggling user mode in Opera renders it readable too.

It was great for two seconds…

It looked okay to me. White lettering on a dark blue patterned background, right?